7 Reasons Why Should You Invest In Lahore Sky Mall

7 Reasons Why Should You Invest In Lahore Sky Mall

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Lahore, renowned for its deep historical and cultural heritage, is currently undergoing a significant transformation within its property market. Among the newest additions is the Lahore Sky Mall, situated on Ferozpur Road and brought to life by the esteemed OZ developers. This venture goes beyond being merely a shopping center; it presents a vibrant opportunity for investment. In this piece, we’ll explore seven persuasive arguments for why investing in Lahore Sky Mall could be a wise decision.

Reasons for Investing in Lahore Sky

Key Points for Investment in Lahore Sky Mall:

Prime Location of Lahore Sky Mall

The adage “location is everything” truly applies to real estate, and Lahore Sky Mall stands out for its exceptional positioning. Situated on the vibrant Ferozpur Road, the mall is located in the heart of Lahore’s commercial district. This prime positioning ensures the mall benefits from high visibility, easy access, and a steady stream of visitors, making it an attractive proposition for businesses and investors looking for a lucrative market presence.

Additionally, the mall’s location offers convenient access from several key areas of the city, including Palm City, Central Park, DHA Phase 10, Grand Avenue, and Bahria Nasheman. The proximity to major landmarks includes:

  • A 20-minute drive from Gajju Matta Stop
  • Both the Central Business District (CBD) and Gulberg are 20 minutes away by car
  • A drive of 18-20 minutes from Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • DHA Phase 5 & 6 can be reached within a 15-minute drive
  • Dolmen Mall, National Hospital, and General Hospital are all just 15 minutes away

This strategic accessibility further enhances its appeal to investors and businesses alike, underscoring its potential as a thriving commercial hotspot.

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OZ Developers

The reputation and success history of developers are pivotal in determining the outcome of any property endeavor. Lahore Sky Mall is championed by OZ developers, a brand that stands for excellence and forward-thinking. Boasting a track record of accomplished projects, investors can place their trust in the capability and know-how of the developers steering this promising project.

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Lahore Sky Master Plan

The Lahore Sky Mall’s master plan, developed in partnership with an Australian Consultant, stands as one of the project’s highlights. This comprehensive plan reveals that the project spans over 73 Kanal, strategically segmented into four specialized blocks, each dedicated to a different function:

  • Block 1 is designated for Commercial use, occupying 12 Kanal.
  • Block 2, known as Lahore Sky Towers, is allocated for Office spaces, spanning 10 Kanal and featuring a distinctive 2.5 Kanal cantilever design terrace.
  • Residential Apartments are situated in Block 3, which takes up 9 Kanal and includes a 2 Kanal terrace.
  • Block 4 houses both Penthouses and Apartments, also covering 9 Kanal, complemented by a spacious 2 Kanal terrace.

This structured division ensures a well-balanced mix of commercial, office, and residential areas, appealing to a wide range of investors and residents. Hence, this thoughtful planning positions the Lahore Sky Mall as an attractive investment opportunity.

Easy Payment and Installment Plan

Choosing to invest in Lahore Sky Mall is both a savvy and economically sound choice. The project presents a straightforward and budget-friendly payment scheme, broadening its appeal to investors from various financial backgrounds. Thanks to the flexible payment options available, interested purchasers can take advantage of this opportunity without overextending their financial resources. The developers have introduced a 48-month installment plan, requiring only a 20% initial down payment to secure a booking. This arrangement means individuals can invest through an easy Lahore Sky Installment Plan spread over 48 months.

Offices and IT Park

Another compelling reason to consider investing in Lahore Sky is its status as the tallest tower in Punjab, offering a comprehensive all-in-one facility. This makes it an ideal choice for those in search of corporate offices or IT parks. The office segment of the project spans 10 Kanal and is enhanced by a unique 2.5 Kanal cantilever design terrace. It will house 380 shops and 49 offices, addressing the increasing need for contemporary office spaces. This setup promises a conducive business environment for enterprises to flourish.

Apartments and Penthouses

The residential offerings at Lahore Sky Mall are just as attractive, featuring a variety of living options such as apartments and penthouses. The inclusion of elegantly designed 2 Kanal terraces for both the apartments and penthouses introduces a touch of opulence. The project is set to include 22 extravagant penthouses and 550 apartments, offering inhabitants a peaceful retreat amidst the vibrant city life.

Facilities and Amenities

Lahore Sky Mall goes beyond mere architectural excellence, offering a wealth of facilities and amenities aimed at improving the quality of life for its occupants. Key features include a swimming pool and gym, serving as a recreational haven for residents and visitors to unwind and relax in their hectic schedules.


Choosing to invest in Lahore Sky Mall transcends simple financial calculations; it represents a strategic investment in a forward-thinking initiative. Thanks to its exceptional location, esteemed developers, meticulously designed master plan, accessible payment plans, specialized commercial and residential areas, and superior facilities, Lahore Sky Mall stands out as an enticing investment proposition. It offers investors the chance to achieve both profit and long-term value in Lahore’s dynamic landscape.

For those interested in securing their preferred property at Lahore Sky, reaching out to TimeSquare Marketing for a consultation could be the next step in exploring your investment possibilities.