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Blue World City Sport Valley Block

The Blue World City administration has quickly transformed the site along Motorway Chakri Road into a wonderful land. The government has made enormous steps in creating Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city. It is created specifically for tourists. This beautiful real estate development project is built with considering luxury lifestyle and entertainment standards in mind.

Its most recent project, Blue World City Sports Valley Block, will mark another step in turning Pakistan into a fantastic tourist destination. The newly developed area will set the standard for contemporary housing. With a state-of-the-art stadium and immaculately maintained streets, Blue World City Sports Valley Block will offer the ideal area to live and play.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Block

Sports Valley is a fantastic new addition to Blue World City sociological expansion. It is the recently constructed Blue World City Sports Valley Block and will be the most advanced block in society. It is well known that Blue World City Sports Valley Block was the first planned and intentionally constructed tourist community by BWC.

The most luxurious and intriguing social block will be the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. The Torch Tower of Qatar and the Villagio Mall will be constructed in the Blue World City Sports Valley Block, and many other iconic structures from throughout the globe will be constructed in the Sports Valley, just like the Burj Al Arab Dubai was successfully constructed in the community. The idea behind the Blue World City Sports Valley Block is to promote healthy tourism and offer a healthy lifestyle to those looking to live the best life. 

Residents of the community will enjoy wonderful living in the Sports Valley, including sports stadiums and business and residential properties. Additionally, society is giving its citizens the best opportunities for top-notch quality living with all the fantastic options we have never seen before. For the Pakistani resident and overseas, having the chance to use the amenities while residing in a combination of historic and top-notch architecture is like entering a whole new universe.

The community will look better overall thanks to sports complexes, fields, gyms, and centers for physical activity. Blue World City Sports Valley Block is a great option if you want to buy in a location that perfectly balances luxury and convenience.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Developers & Owners

Blue World City Sports Valley Block is one of Islamabad’s most lavish housing developments. It is situated entirely on the M2 Motorway. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) developed the housing development. It was developed in collaboration with respected foreign architects. Hence, it will be Pakistan’s first city devoted exclusively to tourism.

This wonderful initiative’s success is largely due to Mr. Saad Nazir, the creator of Blue World City. The business is listed among the top five nationally and internationally renowned real estate development companies. Since then, the company has strived to establish itself as a one-stop shop for various services, including marketing, engineering planning and development, building projects, IT support, and commercial printing. The ultimate home sculpture was created after much thought and preparation by Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Developers.

The company has begun operating in the retail sector in addition to these administrations. It also has a wide range of retailers and businesses selling comfortable apparel. The Blue Group of Companies has over 300 devoted experts. These professionals do their tasks in several wholly different capacities, promoting the company’s passion and vision and elevating it to the rank of one of Pakistan’s most distinctive corporate entities.

Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue World City Sports Valley Location

Being located at the busiest junction makes Blue World City Sports Valley Block Islamabad one of the most sought-after locations in Blue City. The Blue World City Sports Valley Location map shows the majesty of this housing development. Every building in Blue World City is ideally situated. The developers created it in such a way that it can accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding environment. The developers and a global group of architects and designers thoughtfully created the map of Blue World City Sports Valley Block.

Approaching Blue World City via M2 Motorway

Map of the Sports Valley Block

A map of the Sports Valley Block shows that this block, situated in Blue World City, is an ideal place. It has direct access from Defence Road and is next to the Overseas Block. Every convenience, luxury, and alternative offered to the people of the society and Islamabad by this famous block will be the most distinctive and first-ever experience in the nation. It is the best option as it is very close to the Capital of Pakistan.

The Blue World City Sports Valley block will be built in a fantastic location that will draw attention from investors and spectators by enhancing society’s geographic presence. It will be a unique location directly next to the overseas block, making it the ideal site to invest in. For the residents of the Overseas block, it will be the icing on top of everything the management of Blue World City has been serving out.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Location

A Short Drive Places from Blue World City Sports Valley

Some important places only a short drive from Blue World City Sports Valley are listed below.

The following routes provide access to Sports Valley Block:

  1. Located on Chakri Road
  2. Approximately 21 minutes drive from Chakri Interchange
  3. Approximately 11 minutes drive from Adiala Road
  4. Nearly 45 minutes driving from the M-1 Motorway
  5. Approximately 22 minutes travel from M-2 Motorway
  6. Approximately 39 minutes travel from Thalian Interchange
  7. Approximately 54 minutes drive from N-80 Fateh jhang
  8. Approximately 49 minutes travel from the Srinagar Highway
  9. The Islamabad International Airport is just 37 minutes away by car.

Nearby Landmarks & Locations near Sports Valley Block

Several local places and landmarks can be found around Sports Valley Block, including:

  • N-80
  • Top City-1
  • Mivida City
  • Nova City
  • Silver City
  • Fateh Jhang
  • M2 Motorway
  • Mumtaz City
  • Rudn Enclave
  • 7 Wonders City
  • Kingdom Valley
  • Capital Smart City
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • Islamabad International Airport

Blue World City Sports Valley NOC

Invest in any Blue World City block in Islamabad without fear because the community is lawful. Thanks to “Blue World City Sports Valley NOC, this block would be at the top of any potential real estate investments thanks to “Blue World City Sports Valley NOC.” The block has been granted the NOC by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), like all the other blocks in Blue World City.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Block NOC

Blue World City Sports Valley Master Plan

This housing community’s master plan was meticulously created with attention to every last detail. This block is being created for every sports fan in the nation. The management has been given the go-ahead by the appropriate authorities to build Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, which will have a capacity of about 55,000 viewers. To give its citizens the greatest sports lifestyle, Blue World City Sports Valley Master Plan also includes several sports stadiums and entertainment venues.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Support Tourism

To encourage sports tourism in Pakistan, Blue World City Sports Valley has created an all-encompassing “Sports Valley” as the world’s first tourist destination.

  1. The one-of-a-kind Sports Valley has Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, with seating for over 55,000 audiences and 15,000 parking spaces.
  2. Recreational areas include courts for tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, and futsal.
  3. Real-time views of the cricket stadium from nearby skyscrapers.
  4. Paved roadways and Sunset Boulevard, which is 208 feet wide.
  5. 8 Kanal, G+25 commercial hubs are located around the cricket stadium.
  6. Blue Mosque imitation
  7. Full provision of all required utilities.

Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan

There are several sized residential properties in Sports Valley Block. Plot sizes 5, 8, 10, and 1 Kanal are excellent for habitation. A significant component of Sports Valley Block is the development of residential units in addition to Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium. Let’s look at it to further understand why Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan is gaining fame before it is even developed.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Block Payment Plan 2024

5 Marla Residential Area Plot

5 Marla residential plots in Sports Valley are priced at 2,200,000/- total. The cost is insignificant in light of the amenities built in the block. You can purchase the plot by choosing the four-year Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan.

8 Marla Residential Plot

Look at the Sports Valley Payment Plan to learn how the administration has created the most affordable price schedule for you. 8 Marla Residential Plots can be bought all at once for 3,380,000/- or you can buy them over four years by making a down payment.

10 Marla Residential Plot

Residential space in 10 Marla is offered for approximately 4,125,000/-. You don’t need to worry about being able to afford your own home in our beloved county’s capital because the price is so reasonable. If you don’t have enough money, you can start the four-year Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan and put just 281,250/- as a down payment toward purchasing this land.

1 Kanal Residential Plot

Owning a Kanal of land in the ideal location of twin cities is no longer just a pipe dream. One Kanal of residential space is available at Blue World City Sports Valley block for about 7,700,000/-. With a down payment as low as 525,000/-, you may also start a 4-year payment plan to buy this land.

Blue World City Sports Valley Facilities

Due to the Sports Valley facilities, the Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad would be the elite sector of society. The management has added every modern amenity to the mix to develop the perfect real estate recipe. Everything in this block will be magnificent, from Pakistan’s Biggest Stadium to eateries with sports themes. We are making an ongoing effort to provide you with the very best.

Every building in Blue World City Islamabad is built with an eye on the current global living standards. We advise investing in Sports Valley Block, the newest house building in Blue World Rawalpindi. Let’s examine some of the key characteristics of Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley.

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Sports Stadium

Blue World City management is attempting to build a sports arena in Sports Valley Block. It will be the biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan and can hold about 55,000 audiences. BWC is constructing a cutting-edge cricket stadium for Pakistan’s sports-mad populace. The stadium offers more than just cricket-related amenities and entertainment. The management will use the stadium for a variety of activities, and it is the most demanding among all Blue World City Sports Valley block facilities. 

Largest Cricket Stadium

Torch Hotel

The goal of building Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block was to make it a show for the entire world, as we have frequently informed our readers. This time, Blue World City is coming up with a novel development to fulfill this promise. Inspired by the Torch Hotel Doha, BWC will build an opulent hotel with the name Torch Hotel. The hotel will feature apartments as well as Pakistan’s top eateries. Your eyes will be treated to an amazing display of beauty and charm at the Torch Hotel Blue World City.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Torch Hotel

Villaggio Mall

After looking at the Blue World City Sports Valley block Master Plan, it appears this block is in harmony with exceptional Doha structures. The vibrant Villaggio Mall is the newest star in Sports Valley Block’s list of amenities. You won’t get a similar shopping experience anywhere other than the mall in Pakistan.

Villaggio Mall at Blue World City

Blue World Mosque

In the Blue World City Sports Valley block, construction on a replica of a famous Muslim monument has begun. The duplicate of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul will be a replica of the original. The aura and tranquility that this mosque would give to viewing eyes cannot be felt by locals anywhere else.

Blue World City Blue Mosque

Commercial Centers

In addition to offering top-notch infrastructure, BWC is finishing up the building of Commercial Hubs in the Blue World City Sports Valley block. This magnificent structure will also have entertainment centers, joy lands, and numerous other family activity centers.

Outdoor Sports Complex

The Blue World City Sports Valley block will also have a ton of parks and recreation areas. Modern outdoor gyms will be located in these parks. You will be able to take advantage of these amenities for the rest of your life once you begin to stay in this wonderful residential area.

Hockey Field

How could management overlook our national sport when BWC considered Pakistani cricket fans? To meet the demands of hockey players, the administration has imported a top-notch hockey field and will install it. The field’s quality will be so excellent that our nation can host international competitions.

Salient Features of Blue World City Sports Valley

The key characteristics of the Blue World City Sports Valley Block are as follows:

  1. Affordability
  2. Accessibility
  3. 24/7 protection
  4. Maintenance
  5. Eco-community
  6. Water Supplies
  7. Secure & Quality Development
  8. Gas, electricity, and water
  9. Lovely entrance gate
  10. The electricity of the underground
  11. Development of world-class infrastructure for sewage and trash removal

Blue World City Sports Valley File Verification

Blue World City is constantly looking for new, practical ways to make the Blue World City Sports Valley block file verification system more practical. Any person has the chance and opportunity to invest in the real estate industry once in a lifetime. As a result, you must learn to observe and comprehend the relevance of each stage in the file verification process. The management has created an accessible web gateway for BWC file verification. This is a different strategy among all projects in Pakistan and guarantees complete transparency and investor and home buyer pleasure.

Blue World City has also introduced online services, including Online Installments, Blue World City Online Verification, Application Status, and Certificate of Online Registration Verification.

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Wrap Up

A world-class, lavish lifestyle for the residents is the only goal of Blue World City Sports Valley block, a luxurious housing development. The key characteristics are the location, affordability, and opulent facilities.

The other BGC projects will provide the same facilities and affect investors similarly. A stunning real estate example may be found in the Blue Town Lahore or Smart City block in Blue Town Sapphire in Lahore. The latest update from Blue World City Islamabad indicates that work is moving quickly. If you need additional information or want to invest in other projects such as Park View City, Mid City Housing Lahore, Zaitoon City, and any other, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The frequently asked questions about Blue World City Sports Valley Block are as follows:

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block is situated in a prime area in BWC.

Blue Group of Companies created the Sports Valley Block.

A housing project called Sports Valley Block was created to give inhabitants a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of engineers, architects, and other staff members with years of experience.

The District Council of Rawalpindi is said to have approved the NOC of Sports Valley Block.

Because of the simple Sports Valley Block installment plans, there is no question. The management has been instrumental in striking a balance between affordability and luxury.

Yes, because families and small investors can afford the payment schedules. Therefore, it increases the likelihood of high-yield investment returns.

The management of Blue World City has begun construction on Sports Valley Block, Pakistan largest cricket stadium, which can accommodate more than 55,000 people.

The Sports Valley Block is being constructed quickly. To be informed about the progress of development, follow us on social media.

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