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94 Business centre Lahore

A high-rise business address in the city for the communal and corporate offices is the 94 Business Centre. It is the project by the Verticle and consists of spacious and elite offices and world-class commercial outlets with the most prime and ideal location. This high-rise tower consists of 11 floors with almost 7 high-class commercial outlets and 77 offices. It would not be wrong if we say it is the office space you always wanted with the international standard modern amenities and facilities.

94 business centre offers a great opportunity for aspiring businesses to grow and expand. In addition, the easy installment plan of 18 months makes this project more accessible and feasible for everyone.

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94 Business Centre Developer

The developer of this commercial project is no other than the well-recognized and well-known “The verticle.” It is a world-class high-rise developing company that is developed by the collaboration of INSIGNIA and STYLO. The owner of the verticle company is Mr. Muteeb Siddique, a professional real estate dealer with several years of experience in the real estate sector.

He has experience in dealing with several successful real estate projects and delivered the most professional real estate services under one company known as “AAS” properties in Lahore. The developer and owner aim to flourish the legacy of a well-known business family that is the owners of well-known brands such as Insignia and Stylo.

94 Business Centre Location

The location of any project matters a lot. It is the location that defines the potential return on investment and the rate of investment. We all know that investors tend to invest more in a project located in a prime location in the city. In terms of 94 business centre Lahore accessibility to other major landmarks and prominent locations of the city, we can say that it is the most demanding project in the real estate industry. It is an elegant and astonishing addition to the Lahore landscape. The exact location of this business tower is Khayaban E Ameen, Block B, Lahore. The 94 business centre map shows the accessibility of the business trade centre to other landmarks as follows:

  • 2 min drive distance from Lahore Ring Road.
  • 15 min drive from Thokar Niaz Baig (TNB) Motorway.
  • Expo Centre is 15 min away.
  • Shaukat Khanum hospital is at a distance of 12 min.
  • 20 min driving distance from Lahore Airport.
  • DHA Phase 5 is 15 min away from the 94 Business Centre Lahore.
94 Business Centre Location

94 Business Centre Master Plan

The total area of this business tower in Lahore is further divided into corporate offices and commercial outlets. The area under the commercial outlets is about 3462 Sq.Ft. to 5082 Sq.Ft. and the area covered by the corporate offices is 604 Sq. Ft. to 1401 Sq. Ft. The master plan of this business tower shows that it is a luxurious and high-class vicinity for the communal and corporate offices. It is a place where one can dream off to set up and expanding their business equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities.

On the lower floor of this business tower Pakistan, there are Commercial Outlets, and on the upper floors, there are Elite & Luxurious Offices. In addition, the prices of the offices and outlets can be paid in installments as the payment plan offers 1.5 Years Installment Plan to the investors. So, we can say that investment in this project is viable and possible for everyone.

If we see the 94 Business Centre Master Plan, on the basement, ground floor, and first floor, there are commercial outlets. These outlets offer the best commercial investment option to investors. On the second floor of the 94 Business Centre, there are Elite Corporate Offices for business dealings and meetings. Whereas from the 3rd floor to onward the 9th floor, there are offices designed with Peculiar Architectural Styles. 

94 business centre payment plan

If we talk about the payment plan, the 94 business centre offers easy 1.5 Years Installments Plan which means that the investor can pay the total amount in easily 6 Quarterly Installments. In addition, there is a booking amount of 30% that the investor has to pay as a down payment when booking a commercial outlet and corporate office. The 94 business centre payment plan for shops is as follows:

Shop 1 Payment Plan

The total area of shop 1 is 5082 sq. ft., And its location is on Pine Avenue. The booking of shop 1 is open with the 30% down payment, which will be 58,697,100/-. The management has set the 6-quarter installment plan where per quarter installment of shop 1 will be 22,826,650/-. The total cost of this shop is 195,657,000/-.

Shop 2 Payment Plan

The total area of shop 2 is 4119 sq. ft with a total cost of 158,581,500/-. The investor can book the shop by paying the booking amount of 47,574,450/-. Per quarter installment of shop 2 in the 94 business centre will be 18,501,175/-. After the payment of the 6 quarterly installments, the shop can be delivered to the investor.

Shop 3 Payment Plan

  • Total Cost: 144,221,000/-
  • Down Payment (30%): 43,266,300/-
  • Quarterly Installment: 16,825,783/-
  • Total Area: 3746 sq. ft

Shop 4 Payment Plan

The total cost of the shop no 4 is 184,586,500/- with a 30% down payment of 55,375,950/-. The area covered by the 4th shop is almost 4586 sq. ft. investors can book the shop in the business tower by paying the booking amount and choosing the 1.5 years installment plan, which consists of 6 quarterly installments. Per quarter installment of the shop will be 21,535,092/-.  

Shop 5 Payment Plan

The total area of shop 5 in the 94 business centre Lahore is 5027sq. Ft. with an overall cost of 175,945,000/-. The investor has to pay the booking amount, which is 52,783,500/-, and the per quarter installment of the plot will be 20,526,917/-.

Shop 6 Payment Plan

The payment plan for shop 6 in the business centre is as follows:

  • Total Cost: 92,169,000/-
  • Down Payment (30%): 27,650,700/-
  • Quarterly Installment: 10,753,050
  • Total Area: 2394 sq. ft
  • Location: Corner

Shop 7 Payment Plan

The 7th and last shop in the 94 business centre covers a total area of 2362 sq. ft. with an overall cost of 82,670,000. The location of this shop is standard, and one can book the shop by paying the amount of 24,801,000/- as the down payment. Per quarter installment of the shop will be 9,644,833/-.

The prices of the offices are also reasonable and within the budget range of every investor. However, the prices of the offices in the project vary by the size of the offices and the location. The payment plan for the offices in the 94 Business Centre is as follows:

Payment Plan for Elite Corporate Offices

On the second floor of the high-rise 94 business towers, there are elite corporate offices. The prices of the offices vary from size to size. However, the booking amount or down payment is the same for all offices, which is 30%. In addition, the installment plan is also the same for all offices, which is of 1.5 years means the investor has to pay the 6 quarterly installments for the offices.

The payment plan for the 2nd-floor corporate offices is as follows:

604 sq. ft. Office

The overall cost of the offices is 604 sq. ft. is 11,959,200 with the booking amount of 3,587,760/-. Per quarter installment of that Office is 1,395,240/-.

663 sq. ft. Office

The total cost of the offices is 663sq. ft. in size is 13,127,400/- with the down payment of 3,938,220/-. Per quarter installment of that Office is 1,531,530/-.

726 sq. ft. Office

With the down payment of 3,920,400/-, the investor has to pay the total cost of the Office is 13,068,000/-. In addition, there is 6 quarterly installment plan, and per installment will be 1,524,600/-

805 sq. ft. Office

The total cost of the 805 sq. ft. office in the 94 Business Centre will be 15,939,000/- with the booking amount of 4,781,700/-. The installment plan of 1.5 years allows the investor to pay the installments in 6 quarters, and per quarter installment of the Office will be 1,859,550/-.

850 and 852 sq. ft. Office

The total price of the 850 sq. ft. office will be 15,300,000/- with a down payment of 4,590,000/- and the total price of the 852 sq. ft. office will be 15,336,000/- with the booking amount of 4,600,800/-. If we talk about the per quarter installment of the 852 sq. ft. office, it will be 1,789,200/-, and per quarter installment of the 850 sq. ft. will be 1,789,200/-.

988 and 989 sq. ft. Office

The total price of the 988sq. ft. office in the business tower is 19,562,400/- with the booking amount of 5,868,720/-. The installment plan is the same as with other offices, with a 1.5 years installment plan and 6 quarterly installments. If we discuss the per quarter installment, it would be 2,282,280/-.

On the other hand, if we talk about the overall cost of the 989 sq. ft. office in the 94 business towers, it would be 19,582,200/- with the booking amount of 5,874,660/-. Per quarter installment of that Office in the 94 Business Centre will be 2,284,590/-.

1027 sq. ft. Office

Here comes the 1027 sq. ft. office in the tower with an overall cost of 20,334,600/- with a booking amount of 6,100,380/-. In addition, per quarter installment of that Office will be 2,372,620/-.

1073 sq. ft. Office

  • Total Cost: 21,245,400/-
  • Installment: 2,478,630/-
  • Booking Amount: 6,373,620/-

1081 sq. ft. Office

  • Total Price: 19,458,000/-
  • Installment: 2,270,100/-
  • Booking Amount: 5,837,400/-

1186 sq. ft. Office

  • Total Cost: 21,348,000/-
  • Installment: 2,490,600/-
  • Booking Amount: 6,404,400/-

1250 sq. ft. Office

  • Total Price: 24,750,000/-
  • Installment: 2,887,500/-
  • Down Payment (30%): 7,425,000/-

1399 sq. ft. Office

  • Total Cost: 27,700,200/-
  • Installment: 3,231,690/-
  • Booking Amount: 8,310,060/-

1401 sq. ft. Office

  • Overall Cost: 27,739,800/-
  • Installment: 3,236,310/-
  • Down Payment (30%): 8,321,940/-

94 business centre Features & Amenities

Let’s talk about the features and amenities in 94 Business Centre, developed by Verticle Lahore. The investor can get all the lavish international standard modern amenities and facilities here in this society. The most prominent features of this business centre in Pakistan are:

  • Spectacular and Exquisite Lobby With Pleasant and astonishing Interior
  • Well-Lit, Generously Vast, and Breezy Corridors
  • Digitally Equipped and furnished Conference Rooms
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance System
  • Firefighting System
  • A Peaceful Pray Area
  • Well Designed Gymnasium
  • Valet Parking
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • 24/7 Backup of power supply in the form of Generators
  • Modish and Sophisticated Commercial Outlets With Exclusive Architectural Style

Firefighting System

We all know that high-rise buildings in Lahore have different challenges regarding the firefighting systems, such as distance and longer egress times, accessibility of the fire department, evacuation strategies, fire control, and smoke movement. In addition, the high-rise buildings have more people than any other commercial outlet and low-rise buildings. Therefore, 94 business Centre developers have paid a lot of attention to the firefighting system in the tower.

Valet Parking

High-rise towers valet parking requires extraordinary managerial abilities to manage traffic. It takes knowledgeable attendants to handle the heavy traffic. The site managers of the business towers set up a valet service and traffic flow that meets and exceeds the requirements of the building. The developers of the business tower ensure the development of the Valet Parking where one can easily manage the high traffic with great care.

As there are commercial outlets and offices in the towers, there would be a high traffic flow in the building. To manage this traffic, the developers have ensured professional parking space in the tower.

Peaceful Pray Area

There is a peaceful play area in this high-rise building which is designed with all the latest amenities required for the children to spend quality time. The management of the play area ensures that every child will be in great care and protection. The trend of making vertical living family-friendly is increasing, and now the developers of the high-rise building 94 Business Centre ensure that the space will be liveable for the investors. So, they are making every effort for that reason.

High-Speed Elevators

As the world’s population grows, so do the number of buildings and the demand for moving people inside of them. Buildings are being built taller and taller to meet this demand, which calls for speedier vertical transit. More people want to travel longer distances in these new structures, so the solution is speedier transportation, which is made feasible by a high-speed elevator. As is clear, the tallest buildings in the world are where high-speed elevators are most frequently found. High-speed elevators have made a lot more technical advancements as well.

Therefore, the management of the 94 business Centre by the vertical has ensured the installation of the high-speed elevators in the tower. These elevators will reduce commute time and enable people to easily reach offices and commercial outlets.

Well Designed Gymnasium

We all know that today’s generation is very health as well as fitness conscious. Therefore, the trend of developing gyms is also increasing. In such a case, it is not possible that a high-rise building in Lahore does not have a gym. The developers of the business Centre also take care of the fitness goals of the investors. Therefore, there is a well-designed gym in the tower where people can go in their spare time to achieve their fitness goals.

CCTV Surveillance System

To ensure the safety and security of the people in the towers, the management has installed CCTV cameras, and there is a strong surveillance system in the area. These cameras are of the highest quality that remains operational 24/7. The safety and security of the people in the business Centre is the foremost priority of the developers, and they go beyond their capacity to ensure that.

These 94 business Centre Features & Amenities are the most prominent that capture the attention of every investor. All these features and amenities are of international standard and add beauty to the overall look of the business tower.

94 Business Centre NOC

One of the most important concerns for the investors is the tower’s legal status, which features commercial outlets and corporate offices. The legal status of any project is obvious from its No Objection Certificate (NOC). If the project has a legal and valid NOC issued by the regulatory authorities, it is a legal and approved project, safe for all kinds of investment and development work. As this business tower is located in Lahore, its NOC comes under the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

So, if you are curious about the 94 Business Centre Noc, you can rest assured that it is a legal project with all the approved legal rights. It is the city’s most authentic and reliable project, with the maximum potential for return on investment. So, you do not need to worry about the project’s legal status.

Why Invest in 94 Business Centre?

Here is the most important question: Why invest in this high-rise business Centre in Lahore? The answer is simple investments in this project are safe and secure and ensure a maximum return in the future. However, if you are still looking for a reason to invest in this project, here are a few reasons that will convince you and make up your mind to invest in real estate.

  • Steady Income
  • Immediate Returns and Results
  • High Asset Value
  • Over Time, Increase In Value
  • Investments are under control

Steady Income

One of the main reasons to invest in 94 business centres is the inflow of steady income. Investing in a real estate project, particularly a high-rise project, starts offering you the benefit over time. As a result, you accumulate a large amount of wealth over time. But it is also a factor that only happens when everything goes according to plan. In addition, it is also a fact that the property’s value increases over time. So, a one-time investment in this project offers you maximum return in future.

Immediate Returns and Results

The second reason to invest in the 94 business Centre is that a one-time investment in any real estate project can generate passive income. In addition, this source of income is tax-free. If you buy a house, you can give it on rent and from the very start, you get a handsome amount as passive income. In addition, if you invest in any residential and commercial project, there are more chances that you will get a higher return on your investment as the prices of the plots or property increase over time. So, the same is the case with the investment in the 94 business Centre.

High Asset Value

The investment in this business tower in Lahore has great value in the real estate market. You can make your own asset when you invest in a shop or in a commercial outlet. In addition, you can start and grow your business from the high-rise towers located in the city’s ideal location.

Over Time, Increase in Value

It has been commonly noted that whether you invest your money in a commercial or residential property, its value in the real estate market tends to rise over time. Urbanization of a site, infrastructure upgrades, the introduction of important amenities, and the emergence of recreation and entertainment areas are all factors that significantly impact property value.

The shortage of room to build new homes also greatly raises the value of a given place in real estate because there is a finite amount of land and a rising demand for it. When this occurs, investing in real estate projects such as business tower Pakistan stands out as one of the best and most profitable options.

Investments Are Under Control

The last but not least reason to invest in the 94 business Centre is that you have good control over your investment, and your investment does not disappear overnight. As we know, land or property is a tangible asset, and you can use this asset anytime in revenue streams. You have a good option of generating more income with the maximum potential of return on your investments.

However, always make sure that you are buying property at the right time because you only lose money when you invest at the wrong time. So, as professional real estate dealers, we always suggest our clients get professional help before making any deal in the real estate market.

Wrap Up

94 Business Centre is the best commercial project in the heart of the city that brings superb investment options and business growth opportunities for investors. It is a master-planned tower with state-of-the-art architecture and is equipped with modern facilities and amenities. If you want more information about this project or want to discuss the prices of the shops and offices, you can always consult with us.

Moreover, you can also discuss investment options in other projects such as Mid City Lahore, Park View City, Blue World City, and many more. So, contact us and let us handle your property, as your property is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The location of the 94 Business Centre is Khayaban E Ameen, Block B, Lahore.

The developer of this commercial project is a well-recognized developing company known as the vertical.

Yes, 94 Business Centre is a legal and NOC-approved commercial project with the best investment opportunities.

The master plan of the 94 Business Centre includes corporate offices and commercial outlets at the most affordable prices.

The down payment for the booking of offices and shops in this commercial business tower is 30%.

Yes, the 94 Business Centre payment plan is further divided into 1.5 years installment plan that offers six quarterly installments.

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