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Now is the time for every overseas Pakistani who wishes to invest in Pakistan’s real estate sector! The housing market is on the rise, thanks to the government’s efforts to make property investment simpler for Pakistanis living abroad. Pakistan’s real estate business is extremely popular and well-known for offering the best investment opportunities due to its upward trend and high returns for both Pakistani and overseas investors. In Pakistan, there are numerous real estate companies, but TimeSquare is one of the greatest.

TimeSquare is a well-known property investment marketing firm in Pakistan that has been delivering excellent service for many years. We have real estate agents in major cities of Pakistan who can offer you precise data on residential units, as well as luxury apartments, shops, and head offices. Blue World City, Overseas Block, Blue Town Sapphire, Al Noor Orchard, and many other projects are available for Pakistanis to invest in from abroad.

Why Us

In major cities of Pakistan, most rising real estate developments offer comfortable living with worldwide development and standardization. The multi-faceted forum will conduct a 15-day promotion strategy for Pakistan’s real estate players, including roadshows and exhibits in foreign countries, to strengthen and create an effective impact on Pakistan’s real estate business. TimeSquare aims to provide a possibility for foreign investors to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market. This activity includes a representative from Pakistan’s real estate business establishing channels to possible countries, engaging investors, and marketing their projects. Through robust networking tools, TimeSquare delivers assured buyers and investors with the support of Pakistani missions in the relevant countries.

Our Aim

TimeSquare strives to communicate the needs and desires of overseas Pakistanis who are looking to buy or sell a home or property in Pakistan. Our experts will give you the best current service that matches your needs. `Apart from property sales and purchases, we also focus on offering to rent out your homes in Pakistan’s major cities.

Why Invest with Us?

Since you’re an overseas Pakistani seeking a strategy to save funds and secure your future, TimeSquare’s real estate is the only industry in Pakistan that offers the best opportunities to invest. Our real estate business is beneficial to buyers because it is less volatile than the stock market. Furthermore, you will never lose money if you make investments. The Pakistani government has so far made the procedure easier for foreign Pakistanis by offering services that facilitate money transfers and repayments. The decrease in tax payments has also helped the market’s rapid growth. Let’s look at some of the reasons why real estate investment with TimeSquare is the ideal alternative for Pakistanis living abroad.

Property Investment Guide for Expat Pakistanis

Staying in a foreign land Pakistanis are one of Pakistan’s most important sources of foreign capital. Expats paid more than 11.8 billion dollars in remittances to Pakistan in the first six months of last year, according to statistics. And a large portion of this money is going to Pakistan to buy real estate. People may move overseas in quest of a better quality of life for themselves or their families, but at the end of the day, they must invest in Pakistan to provide a house for their kids. There are no governmental policies in place to aid these foreigners in making stable and sound real estate investments in our country. As a result, the government has identified the problem and devised a solution. We still see a wide range of investment options for ex-pats, ranging from corporate to personal to agricultural and undeveloped land.

Until now, the government has not supervised the general real estate market. Every year, a large number of initiatives fail, and a large number of illegal trades and counterfeit dealings occur to defraud individuals. One of the key difficulties in the real estate market in Pakistan is the country’s law and order status. Expats’ investments in the country benefit not only them but also the people who live here in a variety of ways. Many ex-pats desire to engage in the real estate market, but they are unable to visit Pakistan regularly. Furthermore, not everyone has a firm grasp of local real estate developments.

Reasons for Investment in Pakistan for Expats?

One of the strongest reasons for foreigners to invest in Pakistan is the country’s massive economic progress. Overseas Pakistanis invest in a wide range of businesses in Pakistan. Farming, commerce, technology & telecommunications, gas & fuel, geology, ecotourism, textiles, medicinal, automobiles, and wealth management are just a few of the industries represented. Pakistan’s economic scene is rich with opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad. The OPF’s Investment Facilitation Centre has shared detailed rules and acts.

Taxes for Pakistanis Residing in Other Countries

In 2019, tax filings for Pakistanis living abroad have been simplified. The government has eased the knot on non-filers of overseas Pakistani tax filings. Foreign Pakistanis can now easily invest in Pakistan’s real estate market. Upon acquiring any land, the authorities made it mandatory for ex-pat Pakistanis to pay federal taxes. Overseas Pakistanis are not subject to taxation, but once they purchase property in Pakistan, they must pay property tax. This will also increase contributions and help with the country’s financial problems. Everything is part of the current government’s strategy for strengthening Pakistan’s economy.

Investment Facilitation Centre for Expat Pakistanis

The Pakistani government places a high value on ex-pat Pakistanis and is committed to fostering, nurturing, and maintaining a mutually satisfactory and symbiotic connection between Pakistan and ex-pat Pakistanis. Currency exchange contributions are not the only way that Pakistanis living abroad may help. Their contribution to promotional campaigns, technical assistance, and capital growth is critical, and with consistent efforts, overseas Pakistanis may achieve significant outcomes. With an active restructuring push, massive infrastructure-related equity investments (particularly in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), rising domestic demand, and mostly unexplored export potential, Pakistan now offers significant investment prospects. 

Capital investment in Pakistan is entering a new era of longevity and success, thanks to a large expatriate of highly skilled Pakistani entrepreneurs and a large pool of local talent. Domestic and global investors have yet to realize Pakistan’s growth and payback possibilities. An “Investment & Facilitation Centre for Expat Pakistanis” has been developed at OPF’s Head Office in Islamabad to help ex-pat Pakistanis invest in Pakistan. The IFC is responsible for answering inquiries about all alternative investments, industry regulations, and subsidies available in Pakistan.

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