Blue World City Waterfront District

Here is the first-ever developed waterfront community of Pakistan in Blue World City- the Waterfront District Block. The developers have the goal of developing this project on international standards to offer a magnificent lifestyle to the people who want to live comfortably in peace. This block of the BWC offers many residential and commercial plots at reasonable prices and the most easy-to-follow installment plans. If you are investing in the picturesque landscape, it means that you are investing in your future and securing it. After the General Block, Overseas Block, and Awami Block, it is the most amazing addition to the Blue World City Master Plan.

Blue World City Waterfront District is located in society on Chakri road interchange and offers easy access to the Rawalpindi Ring Road (newly proposed). As we know, there is no water park in the capital city, so the addition of this block will be a great step. It will be a treat for those who want to enjoy a tidy ride and spend some time near the water. As the previous blocks of the Blue World City have got a lot of success, the developers aim that this block will also be a great hit in the real estate sector. This block of society will be a combination of affordability, elegance, and luxury.

The developers of this housing society have surprised the competitors in the real estate sector with the introduction of the Blue World City Waterfront Block. The people who will live in this block will experience an elevated and luxurious lifestyle. After the launch of this block in the BWC, its popularity is increasing, and now people are taking more interest in investing in this project.

Blue World City Waterfront District

Do you want to know who the Waterfront District Developers are? They are no other than the most popularly known BGC-IGC Consortium. As Blue World City is the project of the BGC and IGC as the joint venture, they are the owner and developers of the waterfront block.

It is also worth mentioning here that the development of this block is in the hands of the Chinese company known as Shah Jehan Municipal Engineering. The developers have signed a contract with the Chinese company, and the whole society will be developed with state-of-the-art architecture and feature lush amenities and facilities.

The involvement of the Chinese company in the development of this project shows that Blue World City will not only be the destination for the local residents but also grab the attention of foreign investors. In addition, tourists and Chinese will also visit this society that is claimed to be the first purpose-built tourist city in the society.

Blue Group of Companies (BGCs)

If you talk about the Blue Group of Companies, it started working as a real estate company and was responsible for providing the best architectural design and innovative development and construction services. The developers have provided the highest quality real estate services to the clients and have maintained a reputable position in the market. Currently, the name Blue Group of companies comes in the list of top 5 real estate companies.

Moreover, Bluer Group is also an innovator in many other niches, such as IT support, Printing, Development, Construction, and Marketing are some of the main fields. The most popular projects delivered by the BGC are:

  • Blue Mart & Technologies
  • PIA Co-operative Society
  • Blue Town Sapphire
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue World Trade Center

The owner of the BGC is Mr. Saad Nazir, who is the son of the former Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Lahore. As there are no water theme parks in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the development of the waterfront district is the talk of the town.

Waterfront District NOC

About the BWC Waterfront District, there are some speculations in the market, and many people spread the rumor that Blue World City NOC is not legal. At this moment, this development project is completely legal and ratified by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It means that all the rumors about the NOC status of the project are baseless, and there is no truth in them. If you are curious about the legal status of this project, you can check it by yourself from the official website of the RDA against the video reference number. 532/10/DC.

Moreover, as the waterfront district is in Blue World City, RDA has also accepted the legal status of the project and approved it. So, we can say that this block is legal and transparent and known to be the most authentic project in the real estate sector.

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Blue World City Waterfront District NOC

Waterfront District Location

It is one of the blocks of the Blue World City, which is ideally located at the most crucial location as it is present within the water bodies. As the name indicates, this block offers the chance for residents to enjoy the breathtaking view of the water bodies in the surrounding area. In addition, from an investment perspective, Waterfront district Location is ideal, and it is the best place to live as well.

One can easily access the Waterfront district block of the BWC from the principal regions of the twin cities. This is the block of the society that faces the overseas block’s phases 5 and 6. In addition, M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway also provides direct access to society. If you observe the Waterfront District Location Map, it will be clear to you that the designers have done a lot of planning, and after thorough consideration, they have set the location of the waterfront block. So, we can say that, like other blocks, this block will also be a great success.

In terms of accessibility, the Waterfront District Block map shows that the block is accessible from this prominent location in the city:

  • It will take almost 33 minutes to reach the waterfront block from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
  • The same distance is from the Khanal Homes, so it will also take 33 minutes.
  • From Saddar Rawalpindi, it will take a 1-hour drive to reach this block of the BWC.
  • The driving distance from Sihal, Country Road is only 3 minutes.

As the location of the block offers the easiest access to the major routes and landmarks, we can say that the location of the block is magnificent. There are the most prominent roads that are in the face of the waterfront block, which include Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange and M2 Motorway. Islamabad Airport is also at a short distance.

Waterfront Block Master Plan

Waterfront District Developers aims to provide the residents with cutting-edge and high-end facilities and amazing investment prospects by launching this block. There are affordable residential and commercial plots for sale available in the waterfront block. The residential plots for sale in this block are of the following size:

  • 6 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

So, for investment purposes Blue World City Waterfront Block is a great choice. One can book the plot on a first come and first get basis as the demand for the plots is very high in this block. So, we strongly suggest you grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and start investing in the fantastic initiative of the BGC.

Blue World City Waterfront District Location

Waterfront District Block Amenities and Facilities

After the investment in this project, the fantasies of the investors come true. There is a wide range of facilities and amenities available in the waterfront block, such as water and food streets, great security and surveillance, commercial hubs, sustainable walking tracks, gyms and spas, open-air cinemas, also known as outdoor cinemas, and many other things. Let’s get to know more about the waterfronts district features in detail:

Lake View

The residents of the waterfront district will get the chance to cherish the attractive lake view. The appeal of this block is that it is in a prime location with reasonable payment plans. Also, each view from this block is impressive and spectacular.

Outdoor Cinema

Watching outdoor movies is a dream of many Pakistanis, and the waterfront district is converting this dream into reality with the feature of the outdoor cinema. One will not only experience the outdoor movie but will also enjoy a good time with the loved ones in the pleasant view of the lake. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the cinema will be of high-end international standard.

Water Floating Restaurant

In the waterfront district, there is a food court of international standard on the water body that leaves a mesmerizing view in the eyes of the viewers. The food available here ranges from local to international brands and the view near the restaurant is spectacular. The design of the restaurant will be floating.

Walking Path

In the Blue World City Waterfront Block Master Plan, there is a walking track or path that adds more charm to the beauty of this place. The walking path is near the sports club. Walking on this path leads the walker to the commercial hub of the block where one can enjoy the amazing views.

The waterfront district block map includes a walking path that showcases the housing society’s charm. It is near the water sports club. The path will lead you to the commercial area, where you can walk while admiring the fantastic views.

Water Sports

The next most amazing feature of the waterfront district is the sports club where water games will be available to the people. In addition, in the sports club there will be a volunteering team that will assist the participants and encourage them in the sport adventures. The development of this club is under the supervision of international designers and experts.

Dancing fountain

The next most attractive facility in the waterfront block is the dancing fountains that will offer the chance to the people to enjoy the beautiful view of the moving water within colorful lights. It will be the first water theme park in Rawalpindi with the most amazing and eye-catching views. Enjoy the aesthetic feel of the fountains and invest in Blue World City.

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Waterfront District Block Payment Plan

Now let’s discuss the prices of the plots available in the waterfront district. The developers have set the most reasonable Waterfront Block Payment Plan, which means that one can get a serene environment with the calmest surrounding in a society that features the world’s popular attraction at the most affordable rates. In addition, the investors do not have to go beyond their budget. There are both residential and 5 Marla commercial plots in the society where investors can invest and book their desired plots.

If we talk about the payment plan, it is affordable as one can pay the amount in installments. The developers have set the 40-monthly installment plan with a 10% down payment for booking any plot. In addition, there is a confirmation fee of 5%, which the investor has to pay. The prices of the plots are as follows:

Blue World City Waterfront District Payment Plan

6 Marla Residential Plot

If you want a 6 Marla plot in the residential sector of society, you have to pay 1,750,000 PKR as the overall cost and 175,000 PKR as the booking amount. The confirmation fee for the plot is 87,500 PKR, and the installment plan is the same as half-yearly and 40-monthly installments.

12 Marla Residential Plot

The overall rate of the 12 Marla plots in the Waterfront district is 3,150,000 PKR, and one can reserve the plot by paying the booking amount, which is 315,000 PKR. The half-yearly installment of the plot will be 177,188 PKR, and per month installment will be 31,500 PKR.  

18 Marla Residential Plot

The 18 Marla plot is the largest size of the plot, which is available in the waterfront district. The overall cost of that plot will be 4,200,000 PKR, and the booking amount is 420,000 PKR. The investor has to pay the possession charges for the possession of the plot, which are 210,000 PKR. 4 year installment plan is designed for these plots so that the investors can pay their amounts in monthly and half-yearly installments.

5 Marla Commercial Plot

There are 5 Marla plots for sale available in the commercial sector of the Blue World City Waterfront Block, and the overall cost of that plot is 8,000,000 PKR with a down payment of 800,000 PKR. The installment plan is the same as it is for the residential plots with the 4-year installments.

So, this is the detailed Waterfront District Payment Plan which is competitive and investor friendly. So, if you are interested in enjoying all luxuries of life, invest in the waterfront block now.

Is Waterfront District Block Worth Investment?

We only suggest the best projects in the real estate market; therefore, we decided to let you know about the exceptional qualities of this magnificent block in BWC. Let me explain why you ought to invest in this real estate market.

A true reflection of the level of luxury, comfort, and refinement is the BWC Waterfront District. This waterfront block is a great investment based on its architecture and facilities. Now is the most important time for the Waterfront District Block as the rates are getting higher. The plots are competitively priced, and the block is undergoing rapid development. The waterfront district contains the necessary amenities and modern comforts that make a calm living possible for the residents. This is one of the most remarkable eminent factors.

Other reasons to invest in this block are as follows:

  • It provides a range of fun activities and water sports to keep you relaxed and entertained.
  • The water park in Islamabad offers a close link between people and their surroundings, putting them at ease.
  • Investors can find the best payment options on the block to increase their investment returns.
  • Plots are available in the Waterfront District Block for substantial discounts.
  • It is a project that is approved by the responsible authorities, due to which it is a secure area to invest.
  • This block’s plots are priced as affordably as possible. You should only invest in this block for the irresistible rates. The installment payment schedule is also quite alluring.
  • Waterfront district file verification is also easy and authentic as the developers have made the system online to make a smooth verification process possible.

Wrap Up

Blue World City Waterfront district is the best addition to this master-planned housing society. After the great progress of the Overseas Block and General block, the developers are aiming that this block will also be a massive hit as it is already the talk of the town. In addition, many investors are showing interest in this safe and secure community. So, it is a great time to invest in Blue World City and be a part of this city within a city.

Moreover, you can also consider the option of investment in Mid City Housing Lahore, Park View City, 94 Business Centre, Blue World Trade Center, and many other real estate projects. Contact us to get the best deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blue World City Waterfront Block has the maximum potential of the highest return on investment because it is it’s kind of block, and there is no other such block in the capital city.

The prominent features of the waterfront block are as follows:

  • Waterfront Community
  • Water floating restaurant
  • Dancing fountain
  • Waterfalls and Water sports
  • Lakes and Canals

The booking procedure is very easy. You have to submit the required documents with the booking form at the Blue World City booking office. If you want the discounted offers, you can proceed with the booking procedure through our company’s professional real estate consultants.

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