Awami Residential Complex Lahore

Awami Residential Complex Lahore is a low-cost private housing project that serves middle-class and low-income people. This low-cost residential scheme project arose with the Pakistani Prime Minister and his vision for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. The TMA has given the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies approval for their combined low-cost real estate project, the Awami Residential Complex in Lahore (IGC).

In April 2020, ARC for Lahore was introduced. The Blue Group of Companies Consortium always favors achieving a balance between public and private sector services. With the tagline “A Place to Live for Every Family,” the Awami Residencial Complex is an honest attempt to address Pakistan’s housing scarcity by providing a high-quality life at a reasonable price.

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Awami Residential Complex Lahore Location

On main Multan Road, next to Lahore Ring Road, it is intended to be the most accessible housing estate in Lahore. The proximity to several significant parts of the city is this society’s key benefit. The location on Multan Road, next to the NFC Ring Road Interchange, gives inhabitants free access to the city’s most important landmarks. Additionally, the Awami Residential Complex residents will have many job options thanks to the project’s closeness to an industrial area on Multan Road. 

Awami Residential Complex Map

The Awami Residential Complex Location will be ideal on Service Road. It is conveniently reachable from all of the city’s key locations. It will also be reachable from Canal Road and Raiwind Road. Awami Residential Complex Blue Town Sapphire is a safe environment with all the contemporary conveniences and amenities required for the finest communal living. This project would be perfectly situated close to the Lahore Ring Road and the Main Multan Road/Canal in Lahore. A professional team has been hired to develop the projects and construction plans.

  • Located on Service Road, which is Lahore’s most convenient location
  • Located on M2 as the motorway (M2) is easily accessible to the general public.
  • Located on the Lahore Ring Road NFC 2 Interchange, it can be reached in a few minutes. 
Awami Residential Complex Map

Owners and Developers of the Awami Residential Complex Lahore

One of Lahore’s top property developers, Blue Group of Companies, is building this Blue Town Sapphire, Awami Residential Complex. BGC, first established in 1989, exclusively offered its services in design and construction. The business initially set up its headquarters in Lahore. Mr. Saad Nazir is a visionary and well-known business figure in Pakistan. He is the owner of the BGC company. He has taken the precise actions necessary to steer BGC toward success. 

Over time, Saad Nazir diversified the business into a collection of other organizations that include the following:

  1. Blue Properties
  2. Brands Square
  3. Blue Properties and Artimmix
  4. Blue Palms and Blue Bricks
  5. Blue Media
  6. WPZ
  7. Mart Blue

The Imperium Group of Companies was established in 1999, and since then, it has flourished to become a notable building and real estate firm. Due to its current dedication to its field and hard effort, it is well-known throughout Pakistan. International and local professionals work for this multinational real estate development enterprise.

The BGC-IGC Partnership

Awami Residential Complex Lahore is a joint venture between the Imperium Group of Companies and the Blue Group of Companies in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, these two groups have experienced the fastest growth. It consists of a diverse group of businesses that provide the knowledge required in numerous fields connected to the residential real estate industry. The consortium comprises residential and foreign businesses from the Gulf and North America.

According to PM Khan’s vision, which calls for creating opulent yet cheap home developments, the group aims to address Pakistan’s severe housing deficit. These housing schemes come with simple & easy installment schedules. The Awami Residential Complex in Lahore will be put up for sale based on a set number of apartments. The designation of this project as a welfare real estate enterprise is accurate because of the abundance of apartments available. 40% of the flats are set aside for the general public, 50% for government employees, and 10% are designated for widows and the elderly.

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Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Legal Status of Awami Residential Complex Lahore

According to the law, the BGC Awami Residential Complex is a 100% approved housing society. The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has approved the Awami Complex as a housing development. Letter of formal endorsement No. 241-MO Planning 20 (05-03-2020). The TMA office in Lahore is another place investors can confirm this verification.

Awami Residential Complex Facilities

The Awami Residential Complex Lahore is intended to be a gated housing development where residents can access all contemporary amenities. The Awami Residential Complex was built to provide people with all life’s requirements, including the chance to live in a clean, healthy environment. The development plan has considered all urban living requirements, from entertainment to education, health to horticulture.

So that residents can live in a worry-free environment, security services will be supplied by former army troops. Children of the residents will receive a top-notch education from the Army School System, which a group of retired senior army leaders runs. Also, it has electricity and a hospital open twenty-four hours a day.

This affordable housing development provides various housing options, including studio apartments, 1- and 2-bedroom family apartments, 3-Marla Awami plots, and Duplex Villas. These condos and lots can be purchased for affordable prices with 5-year installment plans.

Here are some of the project’s key features:

  • Jamia Masjid
  • A Park and Play Area
  • A Little Zoo
  • A School for The Armed Forces
  • A Theme Park Called Joy Land
  • A Water Filtration Plant
  • A State-Of-The-Art Hospital
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services

Residents will have an uninterrupted supply of water, electricity, and gas. To protect against power outages, a backup power system will be installed.

Features of the Awami Residential Complex Lahore

  1. Prime Location
  2. Gated Commapartmenty
  3. Continuous CCTV Cameras
  4. Mosques
  5. Hospitals
  6. Water Filtration Facilities
  7. Parks & Zoos
  8. Security Services

A Detailed Overview Of Apartments

The Imperium Group of Companies and the Blue Group of Companies partnered to create the Awami Residential Complex Lahore in April 2020 to offer inexpensive homes with 5-year installment plans. You may now rent a range of apartments at the Blue Town Sapphire Awami Complex, including studio apartments, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, 3 Marla Awami plots, and Duplex villas.

For a fair price, you can reserve the apartment of your dreams and live in true luxury without breaking the budget. This complex shows how to develop a civilization’s infrastructure and services while completing high-quality architectural projects to raise the social status of its citizens. This conveniently accessible project’s only objective is to keep the goodwill of the middle-class group by giving its people high-quality housing in a very short time.

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Apartment Sizes

Several sizes and types of apartments are available at Awami Residential Complex Lahore. It is a well-designed and organized housing complex that primarily meets the housing needs of the low-income sector of society.

The affordable apartments in the Awami Residential Complex Lahore are expressly designed to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goal of providing affordable housing for all those in need.

Studio Apartments

The studio apartments in this luxurious housing development will raise living standards and enable people to indulge in luxury on a budget. These apartments will include a 375-square-foot. This area includes a covered area, an attached bathroom, and a kitchen.

1-Bed Apartments for Families

Awami Apartments are being built specifically for families by Mr. Imran Khan’s vision. Additionally, these Awami Residential Complex apartments will have a 550-square-foot covered kitchen and bathroom.

2-Bed Apartments for Families

These flats will offer its tenants comfort and elegance with a covered area of 830 square feet. These apartments in the Awami Complex will have a kitchen and bathroom.

Awami Duplex Villas

Even if this project is being created for Pakistan’s common populace, it won’t be anything less than magnificent. Awami Villas will serve as an illustration of beauty on a budget. The 675-square-foot Duplex Villas in ARC are the perfect place to live and unwind.

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

Because Awami Residential Apartments are designed for low-income households, prices are kept relatively cheap, and the payment schedule spans five years. Bookings can be made with as little as a 5% down payment, followed by 5% confirmation and 5% allocation fees. The balance is then paid over five years in monthly and semi-annual installments. 

This project is designed to help its people as much as possible. The Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan demonstrates the management’s meticulous preparation and execution.

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Features of Awami Residential Complex

Purchase an apartment in the Awami Residential Complex Lahore if you wish to see something spectacular. The middle- and low-income sectors of Pakistan would benefit greatly from a variety of astounding features provided by this residential project.

Awami Residential Complex offers the following amenities:

  • Affordable Living Apartments
  • Luxurious Apartments
  • Prime Locations
  • Legal and Approved Housing Apartments
  • Simple Instalment Plans

Affordable Living Apartments

Low-cost apartments are located in the Awami Residential Complex in Lahore. By glancing at the Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan, you can notice that these apartments have everything you need. 50% of the total flats are earmarked for government employees, 40% for the general public, and 10% for widows and retired people, making it a welfare project. Now that the Awami Residential Complex has been planned and Mr. Imran Khan’s vision has come to fruition, the middle and low-income classes may easily afford to own real estate.

Luxurious Apartments

If you dislike congested places, the luxury apartments at Awami Residential Complex Lahore are perfect. This property is in a serene environment where you can unwind and relax after a busy day. In addition to being calm and tranquil, these luxury apartments include double-paned glass windows and soundproofing.

The Awami Residential Apartments will be furnished with all the amenities you could want in a luxurious setting. Residents will be free to decorate their rooms with whatever they choose.

Prime Locations

The Awami Residential Complex Location is another great aspect of this fantastic property. There are no properties as desirable and affordable in the area. It is intended to be the most accessible housing development in Lahore due to its location. It is close to the Lahore Ring Road on the main Multan Road. It competes with the nearby Lahore Smart City. Additionally, it is conveniently located away from the Federal Capital.

Legal and Approved Housing Apartments

This initiative is entirely lawful and has received approval from all relevant authorities. People are lining up to purchase real estate in this residential complex for various reasons, including the Awami Residential Complex NOC.

Simple Instalment Plans

The Awami Residential Complex’s lodgings have top-quality infrastructure and design and may be purchased with simple payment plans. You can compare it with other residential housing schemes in terms of quality and supremacy. It is the same as other high-quality housing schemes but at more affordable rates to help low-income residents. It was constructed to fulfill the wishes of low-income people.

Awami Residential Complex Lahore File Verification

You can get crucial information from our real estate company about validating Awami Residential Lahore plot files. Using our helpful file verification tools, you can verify your file certification for residential or commercial plots. Pakistanis living in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad can use these ways to ensure that their papers are authenticated. Only files from us, not those from other sources, must be verified as valid for Awami Complex.

File Verification Benefits

Real estate investing is a lifetime option and decision for everyone. Therefore, you must complete all file verification procedures and know their importance. Some advantages of using our file registration procedures for Awami Residential Complex Lahore include the following:

  • Scams are abated.
  • Protecting oneself from financial fraud
  • Saving money and investing for a lifetime 
  • To avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters
  • Make sure that authentic properties are bought

Verification Techniques for Files

There are numerous file verification techniques available, including:

  1. Speak with our management directly or stop by our headquarters.
  2. If you need help validating the file registration, please contact us.

Reasons to Invest in Awami Residential Complex Lahore

Have you considered the benefits of purchasing and securing your ideal plot in the Awami Residential Complex? Awami Complex provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind and enjoy a peaceful existence in a communal atmosphere.

The population of Lahore is growing quickly right now. The NOC at first raised some questions, but it is now a legitimate housing society. It is quite valuable to investors. The best reasons to invest in Awami Residential Complex are listed below.

  • The housing development with NOC approval
  • Affordable housing complexes for those with limited resources
  • Environmentally friendly and tranquil
  • Adaptable payment schedule
  • Accessible from all the major locations

How to Reserve a Plot in Awami Residential Complex Lahore?

Before booking a plot at Awami Residential Complex Lahore, ensure you have the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth booking procedure.

  • Copy of the applicant’s CNIC 
  • Id card copy of the applicant’s next kin
  • A copy of NICOP for overseas Pakistanis
  • A passport-sized photo of the applicant


With a focus on providing affordable homes, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Awami Residential Complex Lahore scheme. Due to the high level of luxuries at simple and reasonable payment plans, it is the most coveted residential and investment alternative for interested residents and investors. Middle-class and low-income inhabitants from all around Pakistan have been drawn to this well-located Awami Residential Complex Lahore since it opened.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that the time to buy Awami Residential Complex Lahore is right now. Visit our website to read more about other interesting initiatives, such as Park View City, Blue World Trade Center, 94 Business Center, and Blue World City, and find out more about our other projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The first luxurious low-cost housing project in Pakistan is called Awami Residential Complex, located in Lahore.

In Lahore, the Awami Residential Complex is ideally located on the main Multan Road, close to the Lahore Ring Road.

Awami apartments in Pakistan will be built under many different banners. However, the Blue Group of Companies has taken on the duty of producing ideal apartments.

The BGC-IGC cooperation is responsible for this ground-breaking housing development. The proprietor of this astounding society is Mr. Saad Nazir.

The planning authority for Awami Residential Complex has received approval from the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) and all other relevant authorities.

The BGC-IGC is creating this block under the guidance of the former Pakistani prime minister. This residential development was created by keeping Pakistan’s middle class in mind.

Since these apartments were built under the former prime minister of Pakistan’s goal for Naya Pakistan, their price has been relatively low.

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