Blue World City General Block

Blue World City General Block offers  an inclusive and modern lifestyle to the general public of Pakistan. As the name indicates, this block is specifically designed for the common people of this country. The developers aim to offer world-class luxuries to all the general citizens of the country. So, when it comes to offering a luxurious lifestyle at the most affordable rates, the general block is an integral element of society. The block’s location is an ideal place for society, and one can easily reach it without difficulty. The development of this project will boost Pakistan’s economy and help the country’s middle class.

Moreover, Blue World City General Block will offer investors a safe and secure investment option. The project is known as the City within a city and will be a masterwork in Urban Planning and Architecture. In addition, all facilities and amenities in this block will have the most beautiful and tranquil surroundings. The general block is specifically designed to increase society’s aesthetic beauty, and the sole purpose is to offer magnificent and modern amenities at the most reasonable rates. Among these facilities are carpeted roads, lush green parks, well-lit residences, properly planned infrastructure, and a serene lifestyle. So, people who aim to enjoy a convenient yet cost-effective lifestyle need to invest in the Blue World City General Block.

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Blue World City General Block Owner & Developers

The block is being developed under the Blue Group of Companies network led by Mr. Saad Nazir, a visionary leader. The development of this block is given to the Chinese known as the China Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, and the development company has started the work of development here.

If we talk about the Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 to offer the highest-quality services of construction and design services. After that, the company completed numerous projects and improved the living standard of the country’s residents. A few of the most demanding projects completed by the Blue Group of Companies are:

  • Brand Square
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Artimmix
  • Mart Blue
  • Blue Media WPZ
  • Blue Bricks
Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City Approval Status

Blue World City General’s block map shows that it will be a massive success among the people. There are many concerns about Blue World City’s legal status. Many people have baseless rumors about this project, but the latest development has removed all these rumors. But now, the development of various projects in the Blue World City shows that it is a legal project and approved.

The legal status of any project is clear from its NOC, and the Blue World City NOC shows that it is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). In addition, one can also check the NOC status from letter no. 532/10/DC.

Blue World City General Block NOC Status 2023

General Block Blue World City

Blue World City general Block is the epitome of tranquility and magnificence that will offer residents an extraordinary living standard and a safe and secure lifestyle. In addition, this block of Blue World City also has the highest potential of offering the maximum returns on the investment. The location of this block is in Blue World City main Chakri Road near the Chakri Interchange on the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. One of the great things about the project is its location which is close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

So, anyone living in the Blue World City General block and investing in this project will have easy access to all the nearby prominent landmarks. There are also several known residential societies, such as Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, Khanial Homes, Top City, University Town, and Star Argo Farms, in this project. So, this is the best project to invest in if you want to live an ideal lifestyle.

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Blue World City General Block Location

Attractions near General Block

Genera Block is the first purpose-built City in the country, which is Blue World City Islamabad. The project is being developed near the CPEC route and is known to be the country’s tourist sector. Various well-known wonders are being developed in the surrounding community, particularly in the surrounding of the BWC General Block. The main attractions near this block of society are:

Blue Mosque

The most prominent attraction near the General Block of the Blue World City is the replica of the Blue Mosque of Istanbul. The beauty of this mosque is that it will reflect the splendor of Islamic architecture and civilization history. The development of this block will be the replica of the Blue Mosque in spirit and appearance.

The total area of the land dedicated to the development of this mosque is 104 Kanal. It is the same space covered by the original mosque. It will offer an ambiance that will evoke exquisite spirituality and astonishment in society, which are also trademarks of religious heritage.

Blue World City Blue Mosque

Horse Mascots

The second most popular attraction near the Blue World City Islamabad General Block is the development of the world’s tallest horse mascots. These sculptures will be the highest in the world, about 125 feet high, and will exceed the tallest Kelpies in Scotland, which are 30 meters tall. The development of the horse mascots will attract tourists from worldwide and also will be included in the Guinness Book.

These horse mascots will be equipped with Green and Blue lights that will be lit up at night and attract tourists from all over the world. So, if you want to enjoy the fantastic night view of these structures, invest in General Block Blue World City.

Blue World City Horse Mascot

Burj Al Arab

The third most fascinating tourist attraction in the Blue World City near the General Block is the development of the Burj Al Arab replica. This replica will stand almost 300 feet high from the ground and will be constructed under the supervision and guidance of renowned engineers, architects, and constructors.

One of the best things about the architectural marvel is that there will be a BWC developers BGC-IGC Consortium corporate headquarters in this skyscraper. In addition, there will be a helipad, Infinity pool, rooftop tennis court, sky-roof restaurant, and an atrium that will be 119 feet high.

Blue World City Burj Al Arab

Rumi's Square

The next tourist attraction near the General Block is Rumi’s Square. A Persian poet known as Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi is a well-known and world-recognized philosopher and poet in the 13th century. He is the person who has changed knowledge and wisdom through his distinct approach and style.

Blue world City Rumi Square

Blue World City General Block Payment Plan

Now comes the most important thing: the blue world city general block payment plan. The developers have set the most affordable prices for the plots, which are in the budget range of the investors. Before discussing the payment plan of the general block, we will first discuss the master plan. So, let’s get to know what sizes of commercial and residential plots are available in this block.

Blue World City General Block Payment Plan

General Block Master Plan

Blue World City is known to be a master-planned community, and international architects and developers design it. There are both residential and commercial plots available in this block, and the prices of the plots are the most affordable.

General Block Residential Plots

In the BWC General Block residential sector, there are 5, 8, and 10 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots available in this society.

Prices of the Residential Plots

The prices of the residential plots in the General Block are very reasonable. Here will mention the most updated prices and rates of the plots that are affordable for all kinds of investors. The payment plan of the General Block is divided into an affordable 4-year installment plan, and the monthly installments are easy to pay by the investors. So, if we say that the developers have set the prices of the plots in this block after careful planning, it would not be wrong.

5 Marla Residential Plot

The overall cost of the 5 Marla Plot in the General Block is 1,290,000 PKR. The booking amount for this plot is 119,000 PKR, with 74,375 PKR as 8 half-yearly installments and 11,900 PKR as the 40 monthly installments Plan. Now it is the choice of the investor of what installment plan they will go with.

8 Marla Residential Plot

There are also 8 Marla residential plots available in the General Block of the Blue World City with a total cost of 1,726,500 PKR with a booking amount of 153,000 PKR. If we talk about the installment plan, per month installment of the plot will be 15,300 PKR as a total 40 monthly installment plan, and as a half-yearly installment, the rate will be 95,625 PKR.

10 Marla Residential Plot

General Block is the best investment choice for investors looking for the 10 Marla plot in Blue World City. The overall cost of the 10 Marla plot is 2,152,000 PKR with a 10% booking amount which will be 183,000 PKR. The Half-year installment will be 114,375 PKR, and the cost per month’s cost will be 18,300 PKR. These are the most affordable Blue World City General Block rates.

1 Kanal Residential Plot

If you are looking for the total cost of 1 Kanal plot in the residential sector of the general block, it is 3,630,000 PKR with a booking amount of 343,000 PKR. Monthly installment of this plot will be 34,300 PKR, with the half-yearly installment of 214,375 PKR. It is the most affordable rate for 1 Kanal plot to invest in.

2 Kanal Residential Plot

The largest size of the residential plot in this block is 2 Kanal, which comes in a total cost of 7,140,000 PKR and has the same installment options of 40 monthly and 8 half-yearly installments. The down payment required for booking this plot in the general block is 664,000 PKR. Choose the installment plan that suits your financial needs and be the owner of that plot.

General Block Commercial Plots

In the BWC General Block commercial sector, 5 Marla commercial plots are available for sale. Now let’s get to know the blue world city general block new rates.

Prices of the Commercial Plots

There are only 5 Marla commercial plots in the commercial sector of the general block, which comes in at a total cost of 7,500,000 PKR. For the booking, there is a down payment which is only 720,000 PKR. The monthly installment of the plot is 72,000 PKR, and the half-yearly installment is 450,000 PKR.  

This is the most reasonable payment plan for the General Block, and the investors can choose any size of the block according to their needs and demand. All the blocks have the same facilities and amenities that are required to live a luxurious lifestyle.

It is also important to mention that all the blocks of the general block have been sold out, and now the possession of many plots is also given after the blue world city general block balloting. However, reselling continues in this block.

Why Invest in Blue World City General Block?

One of the greatest reasons to invest in Blue World City Islamabad General Block is its affordable rate of the plots, and if we say that this reason is enough to convince the investors and buyers, it would not be wrong. Investors always look for the most affordable investment options that have the potential of returning higher in the future. So, for those investors, investment in General Block is most beneficial. In addition to this, there are many other reasons to invest in this block of Blue World City.

The next reason is its location because if we observe the blue world city general block location map, it is clear that the location has great importance in capturing the attention of the investors. So, after the payment plan, location also plays an important role in the decision-making of the investors. Thus, this block is worth investing in.

Blue World City General Block File Verification

Many people ask about the file verification system of the general block. The developers have offered an online system for the verification of the files so that investors can rely on and trust the project. Blue world city general block file verification is very easy, and one can easily do this from the official website of the developers.

The investor has to visit the official page of the BWC, and there will be the option of online file verification. Click that option, enter the details required, such as the file number, and click on the status check. You will get the results easily. Blue World City General Block online verification is also the main reason behind the popularity of this project, and people are showing more interest in this society.

Wrap Up

Blue World City General Block is the best addition to the master plan of the society, and it is developed for the general public of the country. For those who are looking for reliable investment options in the most demanding project and a city within a city, General Block is the best option for them to invest. In addition, the Blue World City General Block map also highlights the importance of the site where the society is located and shows how the other main landmarks are near this society.

Furthermore, you can also check other housing projects such as Park View City, Blue World Trade Center, Zaitoon City, 94 Business Center, and many more for investment reasons. You can also contact us to discuss your investment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Blue World City developers have offered the online file verification system to make the whole system smooth, secure, and easy. 

The general block of society has the maximum potential of the highest return on investment, and it is the most demanding block in society.  

Anyone can invest in this block as it is designed for the general public of Pakistan and has different sizes of plots available at the most reasonable rates. 

Development work is at a rapid pace in this block of the Blue World City, and most of the work has been completed. It is one of the rapidly developing projects of society. 

Yes, General block has 5 Marla commercial plots for sale at the most reasonable prices, which the investors can easily afford. 

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