Lahore Sky Mall

Lahore Sky Mall

In a city filled with potential clients, Lahore Sky Mall stands out as a symbol of forward-thinking real estate developments. Lahore Sky Mall, founded by OZ Developers, who are well-known for their successful project Bahria Sky, aims to transform urban life with its unique approach and commitment to providing unparalleled services. Lahore Sky Mall is more than a project; it is a community and a way of life. Let’s go into the specifics of this ground-breaking breakthrough, which aspires to set new industry standards.

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About Developers: OZ DEVELOPERS

OZ Developers has already made an unmistakable impression on the real estate sector with their prior project, Bahria Sky. OZ Developers is a development firm with extensive expertise and a dedication to quality. The firm, led by innovative individuals, builds architectural wonders that not only meet, but surpass, industry standards. With a mindset that extends beyond building, OZ Developers is prepared to transform Lahore’s real estate sector.

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Lahore Sky Mall Location & Accessibility

Lahore Sky Mall is strategically located on Ferozepur Road, a major thoroughfare in Lahore that is rapidly urbanising. This attractive location provides both exposure and simple access, complementing the city’s changing real estate environment.

Lahore Sky Mall Location

Surrounded by Key Landmarks

Lahore Sky Mall is situated in an ideal location, adjacent to Central Park, Palm City, Grand Avenue, and DHA Phase 10. The project blends effortlessly with these icons, offering inhabitants the ideal combination of modern and opulent living, as well as the ease of established surrounds.

Proximity to Public Transport and Ring Road

Lahore Sky Mall’s accessibility is enhanced by its closeness to the Gajumata metro bus station and the Ring Road exit. Residents benefit from quick access to both public transport and the larger Ring Road network, since these essential transit points are only a 4-minute drive away.

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Strategic Distance from Key Areas

The property is advantageously located, about a 20-minute drive from the Central Business District (CBD) and Gulberg. It also provides an 18-minute travel to the airport and 15-minute access to DHA Phases 5 and 6. This central position provides inhabitants with convenience, connecting them effortlessly to business, residential, and recreational areas. Lahore Sky Mall’s great location is not only convenient, but also provides a lifestyle that meets the different demands of its citizens. With Dolmen Mall Lahore, National Hospital, and General Hospital all within a 15-minute drive, the project caters to a wide range of retail, healthcare, and recreational needs, cementing its reputation as a hub for modern urban living.

Lahore Sky Mall Amenities

Lahore Sky Mall is designed to be a holistic community, covering 73 Kanals and featuring six skyscrapers. The neighbourhood has playgrounds, parks, jogging paths, and medical services. The creative design includes a Direct Factory Outlet Mall (DFO Mall), a popular concept in Dubai that features national and international brand shops with year-round savings. Furthermore, the first building offers amenities such as food courts, grocery stores, swimming pools, gyms, saunas and spas, making it a one-stop shop for residents.

Lahore Sky Mall Floor Plan

Lahore Sky Mall Layout/Community

Lahore Sky Mall goes beyond being a mere structure; it embodies a meticulously planned community spread across 73 Kanals. The development includes six towers, featuring an impressive 20 Kanal tower on Main Ferozepur Road and five additional 5 Kanal towers.

An innovative parking solution distinguishes Lahore Sky Mall, with a basement covering 20 Kanal and three additional basements, providing a vast 60 Kanal parking space. An extra 8 Kanal outside the building and a 5-floor parking plaza behind it ensure ample parking for over 1000 cars, adhering to LDA regulations.

The architectural excellence of the building is highlighted by its cantilever and block design, supervised by a Dubai-based structural engineer and an Australian design consultant. Consisting of four distinct blocks, the commercial mall occupies the bottom block, covering 12 Kanal. Above it, the office block spans 10 Kanal, with sections extending into the air through a cantilever design. The third block, dedicated to apartments, covers 9 Kanal with a cantilevered area and a 2 Kanal terrace. The fourth block houses apartments and penthouses, featuring a 2 Kanal terrace. A standout feature is the nine Kanal rooftop terrace, a unique offering not witnessed in Pakistan’s real estate scene. This visionary layout promises not just living spaces but an elevated lifestyle, making Lahore Sky Mall a community unparalleled in Pakistan’s real estate realm.

Lahore Sky Mall LDA Approval

OZ Developers has kept to their practice of making sure everything is in place before the formal launch. The property is cleared, a site office is built, and a boundary wall is installed. The commercialization procedure is complete and pending final LDA clearance. According to tradition, building will begin before the formal debut, and transparency will be ensured by live CCTV feeds and 24-hour site visibility.

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Lahore Sky Mall Payment Plan

The payment plan provides flexibility with multiple payment ways and is intended to be reasonable and inexpensive, making it accessible to a diverse spectrum of potential consumers. OZ Developers has a history of offering such payment arrangements to its clientele.

lahore sky payment plan

Lahore Sky Mall Expected Launch Date

Lahore Sky Mall is planned to open on January 20, ushering in a new era in urban life. The announcement will be followed by the publishing of precise payment schedules.

Booking Process and Details for Lahore Sky Mall with TimeSquare Marketing.

As OZ Developers’ approved sales partner, TimeSquare Marketing plays an important role in guaranteeing a smooth booking process. Their competence in real estate, notably as the top seller for Bahria Sky, demonstrates their market knowledge and dedication to customer success. TimeSquare Marketing, which has received formal clearance from OZ Developers, serves as a credible source of information and help for investors. Aside from transactional help, their experienced specialists provide a consultative approach to ensure customers make well-informed financial choices.


As Lahore Sky Mall prepares to grace the city’s skyline, it brings with it not only a project, but also a transforming community. OZ Developers’ dedication to excellence, unique design, and strategic location make this project a potential investment. With TimeSquare Marketing’s support, investors can confidently traverse the process, knowing they are dealing with industry specialists. Lahore Sky Mall is more than simply a structure; it represents the progression of Lahore’s real estate, providing a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary.

Lahore Sky Mall FAQ's

Lahore Sky Mall is crafted by OZ Developers, a well-established name in the real estate sector known for their dedication to quality and innovative projects.

Lahore Sky Mall enjoys a strategic location surrounded by prominent landmarks such as Central Park, Palm City, Grand Avenue, and DHA Phase 10.

Absolutely, Lahore Sky Mall has obtained approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and providing investors with the assurance of a legitimate real estate venture.

Lahore Sky Mall presents a diverse range of living spaces, including apartments, penthouses, and commercial areas, catering to a variety of lifestyle preferences.

Lahore Sky Mall’s community layout encompasses playgrounds, parks, jogging tracks, and medical facilities, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching living environment.

he inaugural building in Lahore Sky Mall boasts a revolutionary Direct Factory Outlet Mall (DFO Mall) featuring national and international brand outlets offering attractive year-round discounts.

Lahore Sky Mall is anticipated to be completed by 2026, providing a timeline for prospective residents and investors.

Lahore Sky Mall sprawls across a total area of 73 Kanal, offering ample space for a comprehensive and vibrant community.

TimeSquare Marketing, OZ Developers’ authorized sales partner, stands out due to its extensive experience and proven success, having been the top seller for projects like Bahria Sky. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction make them a reliable guide in navigating the Lahore Sky Mall investment process.

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