About Us

TimeSquare Marketing is a well-renowned real estate company in Pakistan, having a diversified portfolio of real estate services ranging from buying and selling properties to delivering the best residential and commercial projects. We have maintained an outstanding reputation in the market as the most trustworthy and transparent institution. Our marketing strategies work on all projects equally, and we assist the investors in every step from start to end. It is the reason we are the one-stop shop for our local clients as well as for expat Pakistanis.

We have the vision of going beyond and delivering beyond our client’s expectations in real estate projects and marketing. Our professional team of realtors here at TimeSquare Marketing works hard to bring the best for you and invest your money at the best place where you can get the maximum return on your investment. We believe in teamwork, effort, hard work, and loyalty and deal with your property as our priority. We are a team of professional real estate realtors working for society’s collective growth and betterment.

Effective management, Expert manpower, and smart decision-making are the things that stand TimeSquare Marketing out from the rest of the real estate marketing companies in Pakistan. We believe in turning savings into capital and capital into profit.

Our Vision

To revolutionize Pakistan’s real estate sector, TimeSquare Marketing is striving hard and using world-class marketing techniques to build a trustworthy relationship with clientele. We have the vision of redefining the corporate culture paradigm in the country.

Our Mission

TimeSquare Marketing aims to offer clients the best real estate project, sales, and marketing services at the most reasonable prices. Our attention to detail characteristics, effective management, and smart strategies stand us from the rest. With the mission of revolutionizing the real estate sector of Pakistan, we are maintaining the highest level of professionalism and transparency in our dealings.

Our Expertise

Our dedicated team strives to bring growth and betterment to the community, helping clients close the best deals in the real estate market. To manage the high influx of our clients from all around the country and globally, we believe in providing effective customer care with high standards, the best of the best services, and secure investment returns.

Portfolio Management

We provide value to clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital, and by keeping clients informed through superior visualization

Marketing & Sales

As a real estate expert agency, our team of top realtors can handle any of your marketing needs with lower investment risks.

Land Acquisition

Our real state team contributes to determine the safe and legal ways your land can be used and improved upon to have maximum returns

Society Development

Our reputable real state team help you make important and long-lasting decisions, to make the right real estate choices to support your business growth


Our real estate consultants are amongst the top realtors in Pakistan providing counselling sessions and best real estate advise for future investments

Expat Pakistanis

We bring foreign investors and connect them with Pakistani real estate stakeholders to create synergies that will lead to significant developments in Pakistan’s real estate sector

Most Demanded Societies