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Mid City Housing Lahore

A new project called Mid City Housing Lahore aims to merge traditional and modern living in a serene environment surrounded by beautiful nature. Residents of Lahore now have the chance to take advantage of one of Pakistan’s best and most thoughtfully designed housing communities like Mid City Housing Lahore . By providing a living concept intended to foster community development and a green environment in the most transparent way possible, Mid City Housing Lahore  focused on reimagining urban living in a way previously unknown to Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Mid City Lahore Housing Society is a comprehensive project that aims to combine a distinctive and cutting-edge way of life. In the most excellent location in Lahore, Mid City Housing Lahore  is growing. It can be found close to Lake City Lahore on Main Raiwind Road. It is a finely designed gated community that was intended to increase the standard of living in Lahore. The project was created to be an impending landmark attraction and is furnished with all of today’s conveniences and luxuries to create a dazzling and new neighborhood. It is the ideal location to construct the house of your dreams. When you contact us, we want you to feel satisfied that you made an honest and reliable decision for the well-being your life deserves.

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Lahore's New Affordable Housing Society

Ventures like Mid City Housing Lahore are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are not only certain to be successful but also offer unmatched amenities. The project’s extensive distribution will offer investors various living and business options. The project is about to get underway. Thus, you should purchase a plot as soon as possible to receive the most value for your money.

Mid City Housing Society Lahore Location

It is located in the center of the already populated area and is easily accessible from the three distinct Ring Road interchanges. The LDA will soon approve Mid City Housing Lahore  NOC. The residential project is prominently situated on Main Raiwind Road and provides easy access to important locations and monuments via Raiwind Road and the Ring Road-Adda Plot Interchange. Sharif Medical City, Lake City, Superior University, and the passport office may all be reached quickly by car. Through the Lahore Ring Transportation, the project provides easy access to the Allama Iqbal International Airport and all important road networks.

The developers, Apex Group, with a contemporary and futuristic outlook, have created every facet of society. Mid City Housing Lahore  guarantees its community amazing opportunities so their loved ones can enjoy every second.

Vision of Mid City Project

The Mid City Housing Lahore  describes a concept for licensing, marketing, developing, and maintaining some of the most cutting-edge and life-valuing housing complexes in Lahore’s southern avenues. To meet the needs of clients, both current and future, we offer not just high-potential investment options but also highly desired community-friendly living facilities. We know how to balance the practical and commercial execution of mixed urban developments through the ingenuity of design, utility, imperial needs of living, and preferences.

Corporate Ideology

Our primary goal is to complete all necessary steps before laying a single brick on the ground, according to a tertiary-based plan. We work hard to establish ourselves as the benchmark before raising the standard for the present housing market.

Mission Statement Prioritize the Goals To:

  • Achieve New Standards Of Integrity And Trust
  • Investment Security With Our Clients
  • Adherence before Construction
  • Before Selling, All Regulatory Requirements Are Satisfied
  • Assurance Of Delivery
  • Removing All Doubt
  • Keeping Our Words
  • Project-Wide Operational Transparency For Both Internal And External Issues
  • We Strive To Uphold The Goal Of Growing With Our Investors.

A Strategic Plan

A mixed-use development project, Mid City Housing Lahore, is planned and developed with responsible and sustainable development principles. It has received approval from and complies with all approving agencies. It is a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle in an urban area that encourages social and community living to live in Mid City Housing Lahore  clean-air zone.

Mid City Housing Lahore  Master Plan provides integrated pedestrian and bicycle paths that link the entire neighborhood to its essential public services and facilities. It is a community where citizens think, “Home Is Where the Heart is.” Mid City Housing Lahore  is the one in which all buildings and streets are connected by green and open public spaces that are affordable, dynamic, walkable, and environmentally friendly.


The premium concept for Mid City Lahore Housing Society began there. The developers had to make sure that Mid City Housing Lahore  developed into a distinctive brand and a standard for others to aspire to when we first decided to pursue our objectives for a wealthy community. Hence, we worked day and night tirelessly to make it one of Lahore’s top communities.

Mid City Lahore Owner and Developers

The Apex Group is creating the luxury housing property Mid City Housing Lahore Modern and forward-looking design principles are used in the creation of every area of society. To make real estate a more dependable, practical, and trustworthy investment option for Pakistani citizens, Apex Group (Real Estate Division) was established in 2005. The Mid City Housing Lahore  had built a solid reputation among real estate experts and became a well-known real estate firm in just fourteen years. Now, Pakistan is home to the company’s real estate projects.

Apex Group is a highly trained construction business that can complete any job quickly and efficiently from beginning to end. To make things simpler for their clients, they have employed professionals that offer comprehensive & detailed interior design services for offices, homes, farms, and restaurants.

The entire Apex team collaborates with honesty and integrity, committed to delivering construction excellence. The business expanded its professionals’ domain knowledge to the following divisions as part of its integration efforts to meet market demands.

  • Apex Real Estate
  • Apex Building
  • Apex Architect
  • Apex Media & Marketing

Mid City Lahore NOC

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will accept the Mid City Housing Lahore  NOC shortly. It is important to note that improving trust and attracting quick investment depends on the housing society’s legality. While earning the confidence of investors could lead to an increase in investments in societies that have received all the necessary permissions.

The concerned authorities are anticipated to issue the NOC shortly, at which point the prices of the plots for sale in Mid City Housing Lahore may surge significantly. Therefore, now is the ideal time to invest to reap significant gains.

Many people wonder if the Mid City Housing Lahore Society LDA has been approved or not. Market rumors claim that the LDA has approved the NOC. However, the LDA website has not been updated to reflect this society’s approved status.

MID CITY Lahore Location

Near Lake City Lahore, Mid City Housing Lahore is located on Main Raiwind Road. It is at a prime location with direct access to the Ring Road via Interchange.

Mid City Housing Society Lahore Map

A glimpse at the Mid City Housing Lahore Map is provided below:

Mid City Housing Lahore Society’s customers can improve their living standards by residing in the best society. Potential investors who wish to alter their futures through wise and successful investments in Lahore also have a great choice. This Mid City Housing Lahore  development is situated in a desirable area for individuals seeking to invest in the newest constructed properties. It is a civilization with bigger streets, modern buildings, state-of-the-art technology, parks, and security cameras.

MID CITY Housing Scheme Project will offer a peaceful, comfortable lifestyle with contemporary conveniences. Soon, the MID CITY Project debut date, booking information, and payment schedule will be made public. The Mid City Housing Society Lahore Map shows that it is in the vicinity of popular landmarks and societies.

Mid city housing lahore map

Housing Societies in the Nearby Area

The established neighboring communities of Mid City Housing Lahore are:

  • DHA Rahbar
  • Park Avenue
  • Lake City
  • Khayaban E Amin 
  • Valencia Town Lahore

Mid City Housing Lahore development is located in an excellent spot, approximately a 2-minute drive from Rasoolpur Interchange. The Shaukat Khanum Hospital is 20 minutes away, and the Lahore Airport can be reached in only 15 minutes. The region offers the best living circumstances and promising investment growth opportunities.


It’s crucial to consider location while looking for a place to call home. Both accessibility and connection must be excellent at the place. Additionally, all the significant landmarks should be nearby. The main location of the Mid City Housing Society Lahore Project is close to Lake City Lahore, and it has a direct connection to the Ring Road via an interchange.

One of Lahore’s busiest thoroughfares provides good connectivity to the rest of the city. All significant landmarks are also close to the Mid City Housing Lahore . For those seeking the best in Lahore, this makes it the ideal destination. Following are some significant landmarks along with their separation from society:

  • Ten minutes by car from Thokar Niaz Baig
  • 15-Minute Drive to the Airport in Lahore
  • Rasoolpur Interchange Is A 2-Minute Drive Away
  • Shaukat Khanum Hospital Is 20 Minutes Away by Car
  • 5 minutes by car from a recommended commercial area
  • Lahore Motorway Is 15 Minutes Away
  • The Sundar Industrial Estate Is 15 Minutes Away
  • Located ten minutes from Comsats University
  • The University of Lahore Is 10 Minutes Away
  • Sharif Medical Complex is 10 Minutes Away
  • Haloki Interchange, Ring Road, 5 Minutes
  • The Adda Plot in Five Minutes
  • Five minutes from the Lake City Interchange and the Ring Road

Master Plan of The Mid City

The development of Mid City Housing Lahore would be done without sacrificing quality, according to the master plan for the city. From the beginning to the finish, everything about this society is distinctive. Residential plots on installments, commercial plots, and built-up properties come in various sizes.

Residential District

The neighborhood includes a lovely central park with walking and cycling paths, beautiful green grass, play places for kids and moms to chat, a clubhouse with full-service dining, and many other amenities.

2 Kanal

Having the luxury of a quiet and open area, this 2 Kanal category offers the true essence of life while residing here. The elite residents of a private estate will receive significantly more from each plot within the estate than they can ever measure.

1 Kanal

Having the luxury of a quiet and open area, this 1 Kanal category offers the true essence of life while residing here. Each plot is located along the 50′ wide “West Avenue,” which has fixed bicycle lanes and pedestrian-friendly buildings and offers the worthwhile experiences of a happy existence.

15 Marla

Living in this area requires a certain level of luxury and space. Each plot is located on the 80′ broad “East Avenue,” which has established infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians, providing the benefits of a happy existence.

11 Marla

This group includes the luxury of peace and openness. Mid City Housing Lahore  promises to reveal the actual essence of life when residing here. The elite residents of a private estate will receive significantly more from each plot within the estate than they can ever measure.

10 Marla

Park-adjacent plots enrich the quality of life for those who live there. Every plot is located within the 40′ wide “Street ParkVille,” which has a fixed cul-de-sac that leads to the linear park. Mid City Housing Lahore  provides the genuine serenity and ambiance of upscale communities.

5 Marla

Keeping in mind the preferences of our esteemed clients, each plot is located on a 40-foot-wide “Street Park Ville” with a fixed cul-de-sac that leads to a linear park that provides a sense of true tranquility and upscale neighborhoods.

Villas in Mid City Lahore

The categories of MID CITY Lahore Villas are as follows:

5 Marla Villa

The 5 Marla Villa leads its customers to a 50′ feet wide “South Avenue” with fixed bicycle and pedestrian-friendly infrastructures, where fantastic experiences of a joyful life are waiting for you. The lush green East and West Avenues take its clients to this destined home.

Apartments in Mid City Housing Society Lahore

Mid City Lahore Housing Society provides PRIME RESIDENCIA and LUXE SUITES while ensuring that all compliance standards are met in terms of size, structure, and location. To ensure that the general public leads a harmonious, healthy, wealthy, and tranquil existence, the developers of Mid City Housing Lahore  considered various factors when designing and building the flats.

Prime Residencia

For couples or joint families looking for a contemporary apartment in Lahore’s southern avenues, PRIME RESIDENCIA Apartments are a wonderful solution. People can enjoy privacy, uniqueness, and a sense of security in a gated community at PRIME RESIDENCIA Apartments, which offers a safe and secure environment.

Luxe Suites

The nicest residential corner apartments, with wide rooms and opulent salons, are LUXE SUITES. To help residents, Mid City Housing Society Lahore provided cutting-edge smart technologies and sustainability elements, including green canopies, all-encompassing natural daylighting, and many other necessities of life.

Mid City Housing Society Payment Plan

MID CITY Lahore provides a variety of residential plots to meet the needs of every buyer. Residential plots come in sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanals. All of these residential lots are available with a manageable three-year payment schedule. Pre-launch plot pricing for Mid City Lahore Payment Plan has now been made public by the management. However, they are liable to alter at any time.

MID CITY Lahore Payment Plan

The MID CITY Lahore Master Plan shows that there are 5,10,11,15 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots available in the society, and the prices of all these plots are different from others. Let’s get to know about the price of each plot in detail:

5 Marla Residential Plot

The total cost of a 5-Marla residential plot in the Mid City Housing Lahore  is 6,500,000/- with a booking amount of 1,950,000/-. The developers also offered the easy installment plan of 8 quarters, according to which per quarter installment of a 5 Marla plot will be 487,500/-. In addition, on possession, the charges will be 650,000/-.

10 Marla Residential Plot

The total sales price of a 10 Marla plot in the Mid City Housing Lahore  is 12,500,000/- with a down payment of 3,750,000/-. There is a registration fee which is the same for all sizes of the plots, which is 10,000/- with a per quarter installment fee of 937,500/-. Also, the investor has to pay the possession charges, which will be 1,250,000/-.

11 Marla Residential Plot

If we talk about the overall price of the 11 Marla residential plots, the total sales price will be 13,750,000/-. If you want to book the plot, you have to pay the booking amount, which will be 4,125,000/- with the per quarter installment of 1,031,250/-. In addition, the investor will pay 1,375,000/- as the possession fee.

15 Marla Residential Plot

The total price of a 15 Marla Plot in the Mid City Society Lahore is 18,000,000/-, and the down payment is 5,400,000/-. It is the choice of the investor to choose the payment plan that suits their needs and installments, and on possession, the charges will be 1,800,000/-.

1 Kanal Residential Plot

The Mid City Housing Society Payment Plan for 1 Kanal residential plot is very affordable. As an investor, you can buy the 1 Kanal plot in the society with an overall sales price of 22,000,000/- and a booking amount of 6,600,000/-. Per quarter installment of the plot will be 1,650,000/- with possession charges of 2,200,000/-.

2 Kanal Residential Plot

The largest size of the residential plot in the MID CITY Lahore is 2 Kanal which comes to a total cost of 40,000,000/- with a booking amount of 12,000,000/-. Per quarter installment of the plot will be 3,000,000/- with possession charges of 4,000,000/-.

It was the most reasonable and easy-to-follow Mid City Lahore Payment Plan set by the developers so that any kind of investor could book the plot in the Mid City Housing Lahore .

TownHouses Payment Plan

There are 5.66 Marla Townhouses for Sale in the MID CITY that one can book by paying 10,000 PKR as the registration fee. The overall price of the townhouses in Mid City Housing Lahore is 19,950,000 PKR, and one can book that by paying a down payment of 2,450,000/-. The developers have set the seven quarterly installment plans where per quarter installment will be 1,875,000/-. Last but not least, the possession charges will be 1,875,000/-.

3 Bedroom Apartments MidCity Pearls Installment Plan

There are 3 bedroom apartments for sale in the MID CITY Housing society Lahore with a total cost of 15,950,000 PKR and a booking amount of 1,950,000 PKR. The confirmation charges of these apartments are 2,000,000 PKR, and the developers have set the 9 quarterly installment plan. So per quarter installment will be 1,200,000 PKR, and on possession, the investor has to pay the amount of 1,200,000 PKR.

MID CITY Lahore Facilities & Amenities

The MID CITY Lahore housing project provides all the up-to-date facilities and amenities at reasonable rates. The facilities in Mid City Housing Lahore are part of any modern luxurious society that could be a complete residential project. Featuring residential plots of various sizes, the project Mid City Housing Lahore comes with opulent layouts, contemporary amenities, and well-maintained green spaces to indulge residents in quality living. The residential plots in Mid City Housing Lahore are available in various sizes, including 3, 5 & 10-Marla. In contrast, the commercial plots are available at Commercial Broadway, planned in the most commercially viable locations, which is the ideal space for shoppers. All the plots are offered on 2-year easy installment plans and include development charges.  

The MID CITY Lahore Owner and Developers have reserved a large area for developing green areas, such as parks. The focus of Apex Group is to propose a healthy and comfortable lifestyle environment; for this reason, 22 Kanal is devoted to the central theme park where children and the elderly may enjoy leisure time with no worries in their minds.  Mid City Housing Lahore  is an LDA-approved housing scheme, which is safe and secure for investment with handsome returns. The facilities in the MID CITY Lahore Housing Society are as follows:

Eco-Friendly Surroundings

Society will offer a lifestyle with all the modern conveniences close to the natural world. The characteristics include the following:

  • Green Canopy
  • Green Building Certification
  • Urban Forest
  • Healthy Environment 

Community Hub

This society provides the following community hubs:

  • Daycare Facilities
  • Community Clubs
  • Event Complexes
  • Fitness And Wellness Facilities
  • Amphitheaters
  • Indoor Play Areas, And More

Basic Amenities

A few of this society’s fundamental amenities include the following:

  • Masjid
  • Specially Designed School
  • Central Park
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Supermarket
  • Underground Utilities
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Satellite or Cable TV Ready
  • Convenience Stores
  • Security

These are the basic MID CITY Lahore Facilities that are available to all investors and residents of this housing society.

Mid City Lahore Features

Let’s purchase the top properties for sale in MID CITY Lahore to become more facilitated in every aspect of life. It is a society with all the modern conveniences and distinctive characteristics. Additional MID CITY Lahore Features include:

  • Wide Open Public Spaces
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Health Centers
  • A Track For Cycling And Jogging
  • A Yoga Studio
  • Private Streets
  • Wide Roads
  • Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • A Health Centre
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Rescue Management

For buyers, the best new housing society in Lahore is:

A housing society like Mid City Lahore Housing Society offers standards of safety and tranquility. High-quality hospitals, schools, universities, supermarkets, and apparel franchises will be available. Without leaving the housing society, MID CITY Lahore provides access to theaters, golf courses, picturesque landscapes, lakes, green spaces, flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, cycling tracks, walking & jogging tracks, and much more. Investors are excited about the impending opening of this housing development Mid City Housing Lahore , although the precise opening date has not yet been disclosed. This housing project Mid City Housing Lahore  will provide the best residential options with upscale amenities and a graceful lifestyle, making it one of the first successful housing projects in the city. Above all, it aims to greatly ease people’s lives!

Rules to Follow While Buying or Selling Plots

The rules to follow are as follows:

Verification of Documents

Please thoroughly check any documents before submitting them to prevent misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Make sure to ask about the NOC and approval document by the developers that the authorities have properly approved before engaging in any property acquisition or sale. Your paperwork will be legitimate in this manner to provide customer satisfaction.

Financial Security

Please confirm that your funds match the buying plan before closing the sale in Mid City Housing Lahore . Your purchase or sale will be completed successfully in this way.

Property Visit

Visit the property before purchasing to ensure the written documents comply with the plot requirements and confirm the paperwork’s legitimacy.

Documentation Requirements For Booking

TimeSquare Marketing suggests asking about the most recent documentation requirements for booking because we value our customers’ confidence and transparency. The following paperwork is needed to purchase property in Mid City Housing Lahore :

For Local Residents

  1. A copy of your CNIC
  2. Two passport-size photos
  3. Candidate CNIC Copy
  4. Cash or Pay Order Of Down Payment 
  5. Two copies of the identification of your next of kin

For Overseas Pakistani Clients

  1. CNIC Copy 1
  2. Two passport-size photos
  3. Candidate CNIC Copy
  4. Down Payment in cash or by pay order
  5. Online Payment on account of the company.
  6. The same paperwork as a local client is acceptable; no physical presence is necessary.

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure of Mid City Housing Lahore is very simple and easy. First, you have to visit the no.1 real estate company dealing with this project. Bring all the essential documents mentioned above with you. Fill out the booking form that will be given to you by the real estate dealer. After that, pay the registration fee and the booking amount along with all the documents and the booking form.

The payment method in Mid City Housing Lahore can be via pay order or cash. After the payment of the dues, receive the confirmation receipt. Your plot has been booked. Pay the installments as mentioned in the payment plan. This is the easiest payment method for MID CITY Lahore.


Mid City Society Lahore, an innovative concept called Mid City Housing Society Lahore, offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary living conditions. Many people wait until the housing project is completely built out before beginning the booking procedure when no more plots are available.

We, therefore, strongly suggest that now is the time to invest in this society. Please read about Blue World City, Park View City, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, Nova City, and Capital Smart City if you want to learn more about such housing societies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most Frequently Asked Questions about the MID CITY Lahore are:

Yes, Lahore Development Authority has approved the No Objection Certificate of the society, which shows that it is approved and valid.

The possession of the plots will be after the completion of the total payment.

MID CITY offers residential plots, commercial spaces, townhouses, and apartments for sale.

The owner of this great project in the heart of the city of Lahore is Sheliz Aplam.

Yes, 5 Marla villas for sale are available in the MID CITY Lahore.

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