Blue World Trade Center

Blue World Trade Center is also a Blue Group of Companies project and is known as the tallest business address in the twin cities. It is also known as the most sought-after business address, which was launched recently on 29th October 2022. The developers of this project have set the game of business and trade together, and if we say it is where trade meets with trends, it would not be wrong. In the history of Pakistan, for the first time, BWTC will be the most in-demand business address with an excellent source of shopping, business, marketing, and trade under one roof.

Blue Group of companies aims to develop a real estate business hub in the country on international standards with the help of innovative edifice structures and mesmeric bridges. The trade center has all to offer in terms of facilities and services that will add efficiency and convenience to the real estate market. In addition, the project’s location is also at the ideal site and easily accessible from the major landmarks. The location of the society in the vicinity of the DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town Rawalpindi also makes it the best society in town.

Join Hands for Future

The project’s ideal location makes it easy for the residents to reach society from distant locations. So, the people of the twin cities can reach this trade center from any location. There are a lot of points that will leave you astonished about this futuristic residential project. Its owners and developers, location, features, facilities, amenities, and many other points. There is a lot we will discuss here. So, let’s start with the general introduction of the Blue World Trade Center.

Blue World Trade Center Structure

If we talk about the structural design of the Blue World Trade Center, the developers believe that it will serve as the gateway for the trade industry of Pakistan. The trade center will be the largest high-rise building and skyscrapers that will feature all the necessities required to make the business more effective and easy. 

The Blue World Trade Centre’s structural design is designed under the supervision of professional and expert designers and consists of 27 floors. There are basements and ground floors too. The developers have dedicated the Ground floor of the Trade Center to parking so that visitors can park their vehicles.

Moreover, Blue World Trade Center is tailored to the highest standards to meet the investors’ needs and take them to heights of luxury and convenience. The tallest twin towers in the twin cities are 500 feet tall. All the floors of the twin towers have dedicated spacious areas to cater to the investors’ needs.

Highly professional and experienced designers have designed the structure based on innovative building architecture and ultra-modern technology. In addition, the structure will be laced with all the facilities and amenities that will contribute to efficiency and comfort.

Now let’s move toward the developers of this amazing commercial project that will change the trade trend in the country.

Blue World Trade Center Developers

The Blue World Trade Center developers are not other than Pakistan’s diversified business portals and vastly growing companies known as the Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of companies (BGC-IGC) consortium. The developers first started the project in Islamabad, Blue World City, and now after its great success, they come with the launch of BWTC. Like the first project, it would also be a great hit in Pakistan’s Trade Industry.

BGC-IGC consortium, Blue World Trade Center developers, are world recognized and have a strong presence worldwide, such as in North America and Gulf regions. The developers want to redefine the concept of business and commercial sectors in the country, so they are setting diverse standards of integrity, commitment, service delivery, and professionalism. The flagship project of the BGC-IGC consortium is Blue World City.

The initiative intends to offer overseas and local Pakistanis a meticulous and opulent lifestyle with a reasonable payment plan. They hope to increase tourism by offering top-notch tourist spots. The BGC-IGC collaboration works to bring individual skills to the fore and develop collective progress as a united sector under one roof. The private sector also contributes significantly to the success of this endeavor by helping emerging nations like Pakistan deal with the many issues they face.

Blue World Trade Center Corporate Design

The Blue World Trade Center developers have worked hard to establish a good reputation in the real estate industry. Not only in the residential sector, but they also offer citizens commercial and business investment opportunities. From a business perspective, Blue World Center is a great opportunity for the business sector as it will provide a clean, professional, and peaceful working environment.

The corporate design of the Blue World Center will provide a completely peaceful environment to the staff with smart WI-FI workstations. On each trade center floor, there will be lounge areas where staff can relax during free hours. There are high-speed, operational elevators that will offer the best service to the residents. In each elevator, a backup power system will be utilized in case of any emergency or inconvenience. So, if we say that this trade center will cater to all your business and commercial needs, it would not be wrong.

Various shops in the Blue World Trade Center are available for sale at the best reasonable prices. In addition, on each floor of the trade center, you will find both Platinum and General Offices with the most reasonable prices. It is the vision of the developers to make the trade center a platform that makes it easy for investors to invest in it.

So, besides the trade and business dealing, developers have no catch. There are international brands that will offer the best entertainment and joy to visitors. Here, you will get the experience of enjoying the best shopping in global outlets.

Blue World Trade Center Vision and Mission

This impressive commercial skyscraper is taking a great step towards developing Rawalpindi’s first up-level twin tower structure. Nevertheless, this cutting-edge project is improving the corporate and business district. It now serves as Pakistan’s industrial development sector for real estate and socioeconomics. The trade center will provide a first-rate environment where doing business, shopping, and trading will be a true delight. The goal is to promote general prosperity. With the help of the smart building tower, Pakistan’s real estate market is elevated to meet worldwide standards.

The Blue World Trade Centre’s development has the vision to change the real estate landscape perspective in the country. So, the center will help numerous people in the whole country. It is the best platform that will provide great opportunities to build the great economic sector of the country.

Blue World Trade Center Developing Company

The CEO of the BWTC is Mr. Burair Nazir, and the project is of Blue Group of Companies, whose owner is Mr Saad Nazir. BGC is a well-known company in the real estate market and has been offering architectural design and services to clients for years. First, the company was developed in Lahore in 1989 and earned an excellent reputation in the real estate market. Today, the company is among the most popularly known and well-recognized brands. BGC is among the top 5 real estate development companies people trust today.

BGC also works in various other fields, such as real estate branding construction, commercial publishing, I.T. support, and real estate planning and designing. In the company, more than 300 employees are serving to make it up to the mark of Pakistan’s most authentic corporation. Mr. Saad Nazir is working in this market with the vision of changing the country’s real estate landscape and providing millions of Pakistanis with a safe place to live.

Blue World Trade Center Location and Map

Here comes the most important point, which is the Blue World Trade Center Location. The location of any project plays a significant role in land decisions. It is the responsibility of the investor to first check all the prospects of the location before making any decision. The location of the BWTC is very convenient and easily reachable from the Grand Trunk Road. In addition, all the prominent zones of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are in the vicinity of the BWTC.

Moreover, if we further talk about the Blue World Trade Center’s location, it is close to the DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town. These are the two major commercial and residential ventures within the limits of the twin cities. The connection of the G.T. Road to the Islamabad Highway makes it the most stunning futuristic project easily reachable from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

From the Blue World Trade Center Map, it is also clear that Bahria Town Hospital is one of the plus points in making the location of this project ideal. The Lignum Tower and the Giga Mall are also a few minutes from the society. In addition to these major landmarks, the other most easily reachable points from the project are as follows:

  • Islamabad expressways
  • Bahria Town Hospital is only a drive of 2 minutes
  • P.C. Hotel is only a drive of 10 minutes
  • Rawalpindi Railway Station is at a drive of 15 Minutes
  • Within a few minutes driving distance from the new airport.
Blue World Trade Center Location

Nearby Landmarks

The most in-demand landmarks from the society are as follows:

  • Giga Mall
  • Rawalpindi and Islamabad
  • National Highway
  • Bahria Town Hospital
  • Blue World City Head Office
  • Beacon House School System
  • Bait-Al-Mandi
  • Silk Mall G.T. Road

Blue World Trade Center NOC

It is a common observation that authenticity seems to be most important for anyone planning to invest in the real estate market. So is the case with the Blue World Trade Center NOC status. People tend to invest more in a legal project that offers the most legal security. In the case of BWTC, there is good news that the NOC of the project has been approved, and the project has also launched on 29th Oct 2022. There was a big launching ceremony where many well-known personalities were included.

Furthermore, there is no doubt about the project’s legal status because its developers are already working on one of the most significant projects. They have got approval from the relevant authorities, and now the development work is in full swing in the tallest twin towers. It is the best opportunity for the business class to work, trade, and grow under one roof.

A Detailed Overview of Blue World Trade Center

One of the most magnificent 500+ foot high-rise buildings, the Blue World Trade Center has 29 stories.

  1. Basements 1 & 2-Designated Parking Spaces
  2. Lower Ground, Ground, And First Floor-Shopping Mall
  3. Second-Floor-Play Area & Food Court
  4. Third Floor-Services Storey
  5. Fourth To Sixteenth Floors-Corporate Offices
  6. 23rd And 24th Floor-Loft Apartments
  7. The 25th Floor-Services Storey

Blue World Trade Center Structure Span

The twin tower location was planned with a full structure. It was planned according to the expert designer and architect. The twin tower, a 500-foot high-rise structure, offers outstanding features. The expert architect provides the enormous, luxurious 27-story building in this. Every story offers unique characteristics and complete amenities.

They want to create a top-notch business portal for the real estate sector and want to bring trade, shopping, and business to the next level in the twin city tower for your relaxation. Their main goal is to develop a welcoming and prosperous environment that includes business, trade, and shopping hubs in all their forms. Hence, this world trade twin tower creates a versatile, inventive building with all the newest amenities that will enhance your quality of life and keep everything in order.

Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan

The developers of the Blue World Trade Center have put a lot of effort into the development of this project so that all can easily invest in the project. Therefore, they have set very reasonable prices for the shopping malls and corporate offices. The shopping malls are divided into various categories, which are Platinum, Gold, and Silver, and the prices of shops in each sector are also different. Similarly, the prices of the offices are also different on each floor. The Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan is as follows:

BWTC Facilities and Amenities

BWTC is a business trade tower that has become Pakistan’s first international standard-based shopping mall and commercial hub. It is a superb design consisting of all the modern comforts and luxuries. It offers all services, professional spaces, and amazing venues for entertainment. To fulfill Pakistan’s ambition, the developer becomes anxious to build the most basic entertainment facilities, and they are striving to make it advance to the top of the tourist list. Depending on your needs, you will have recreational spaces, dining options, a food court, and much more.

Large Vehicle Parking

The perfect and roomy car park will be designed to accommodate not only investors but also staff members and guests. Basements 1 and 2 will be set aside as a designated partial parking area for specific use.

Shopping Centers

By introducing all of the top-tier national and international companies, Blue World Trade Center BWTC offers thrilling services that make your shopping experience thorough & reliable. It is made more abundant and significant by the wide retail space and gorgeous décor. The several blocks will stand in for the opulent Commercial Outlet and the array of brands. It will undoubtedly raise the level of glitz in the shopping experience.

Business Tower: The Cluster of Retail Establishments

Modern architectural and infrastructure design gives the greatest and most inexpensive price plan with a 4-year installment package, making it the ideal Blue World Trade Center Investment Opportunities. You can find all the carefully crafted shops for sale in Islamabad at this huge shopping mall. The mall also features an exciting atmosphere to maximize the charm of your shopping excursion.

What else are you looking for at this point where no one is likely to stop and visit right away? Top-tier and international brand stores, antique jewelry stores, home appliance stores, and highlighted brands are arranged along wide hallways to make you feel pampered.

Shopping centers in Rawalpindi are undoubtedly dispersed like seeds, but the Blue World Trade Center Facilities serve as a model for twin cities. It is a massive skyscraper with extravagant amenities that no one could have imagined. Hence, this is a brilliant chance for investors to plant a seed of investment today and reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Chance For Brands

It is high time for brands to set up shop in the largest commercial hub of the future. Many companies are prepared to invest and relocate to the Blue World Trade Center BWTC. The proposed brands are:

  • NIKE
  • NEXT

Outdoor Cafes

Eating out may be pretty pleasurable. To commemorate important events, we prefer to host parties at restaurants, eat with friends, and go on dates. A commercial hub called BWTC offers a food court with indoor and outdoor eateries, allowing you to enjoy the nice weather and have fun.

Second Cup Coffee Bars

Blue World Trade City recently opened the renowned Second Cup Coffee chain, housed beneath the magnificent “World’s Tallest Horse Mascots.”

Corporate Office

The Blue World Trade Center BWTC provides a corporate office with a clean and organized workspace for business-related activities. It has the appropriate workstations and offices with air conditioning to comfort the staff. There will be Wi-Fi connectivity available in the workplace. Additionally, they will provide a lounge area where workers may unwind during their break. You can take advantage of the whole workstation, conference room, meeting room, café, and food court to enjoy your downtime.

24/7 Security Measure

Blue World City will be instructed to supply the most recent security equipment. The most recent safety protocol and safety and security are always put first. Our watchful and knowledgeable crew also ensures that safety precaution is implemented correctly. Our office tower is safe and secured thanks to the 24/7 CCTV cameras. To avoid unethical situations, the management maintains modern security controls. The comprehensive security team will comprise security agents, surveillance cameras, and a gated entrance to maintain a secure atmosphere.

24/7 Maintenance Management

The Blue World Trade Center BWTC will provide a crew to supervise maintenance. The employees who work around the clock must maintain the check and balance services.

High-Speed Elevators

Blue World City offers high-tech facilities with cutting-edge architecture and design. The high-speed elevators make it simple to travel between floors without wasting time. Also, they help in v improving accessibility and efficiency at work. Visitors will also benefit from a more welcoming and beautiful area to have fun with their friends and the employees.

ATM Availability

This amazing dual-business skyscraper will have all amenities under one roof. For all users, the ATM facility becomes more advantageous. They have quick access to complete the financial transaction right away. So, with these thoughtful features, you can buy and have fun shopping with your friends.


Blue World Trade Center also debuted the lavish hypermart, stocked with a magnificent array of brightly colored goods. It will aesthetically improve the inviting environment to guarantee an outstanding supermarket experience. The magnificent hypermart will have every modern luxury item.

Beautiful Terraces

Imagine standing at such a height and witnessing the world beyond your expectations before arriving at the ideal location. You’ll feel peaceful and comfortable as you take in the joyous surroundings, the beauty of the planet, and the stunning views. The cozy ambiance of the terrace makes it possible to enjoy your meals and parties. These are specifically made to give you access to a synthetic view.

Fully Air-Conditioned Area

The Blue World Trade Center offers abundant amenities to its investors because it is centrally air-conditioned. In such an organized area, businesses will expand quickly, and customers will enjoy shopping. The developers want to build an international trade tower that will boost Pakistan’s economy and speed up turning it into a developed nation. All the amenities, including a fantastic game center and movie theatres, will be found in the central air-conditioning, board room, and meeting room.

Eateries & Open Food Court Area

The public will savor the top-notch cafeterias and restaurants. The structure intends to give a wonderful, opulent restaurant facility with luxury and flexibility for both business hubs and tourists, especially for foodies. The Blue World Trade Center BWTC offers a unique experience that lets you celebrate significant occasions.

Emergency Services

The availability of emergency services at malls is a concern, particularly in modern shopping networks. The Blue World Trade Center Master Plan often follows a pattern of open core spaces with climbing clusters of companies, causing the greatest cluster of stores and customers. In times of emergency, the mall’s services will precede the customers. BWTC offers services against catastrophic scenarios like electric short-circuit, fires, and earthquakes through fire extinguishers and cutting-edge technology.

Wide Prayer Space

The BWTC tower creates a large spiritual prayer area. From all other perspectives, the prayer area is crucial to establishing a strong connection with the universe’s creators. A magnificent place of worship will be constructed there, having all the abundant amenities of an air-conditioned, well-ventilated prayer room.

To improve the spiritual experience, a tranquil and calm atmosphere has been created. We want a welcoming, safe environment where you can live out your religion, form close relationships, and express gratitude for God’s blessings.

24/7 Power Backup

With attentive facilities, the Blue World Trade Center BWTC will offer a constant power supply. It permits visitors and employees to live stress-free, productive lives without being disturbed. The ultra-advanced technology organizes the power by displaying the standby generator control and assuring a smooth and continuous power supply. The blue world city project also ensures that its residents have access to power, water, and gas around-the-clock.

How BWTC Neglects Corporate Offices?

The construction of 18 storeys office space for national and international businesses has been created to perfection with the series of roomy shops up for sale. Each floor is divided into General and Platinum offices for sale, to a large extent, where they may experience a pure international-based environment. Conversely, talking about the place and the cost is like icing on the cake. The entire environment is growing more quickly with fully functional digital facilities from the twenty-first century.

The truth is that building a successful company takes a lifetime. Because of this, only the Blue World Trade Center arena was next to the stores or offices; you will admire the open food court’s various restaurants. Once you eat lunch, brunch, or dinner with your loved ones, these courts will be filled with joy and deliciousness.

Why Only Invest in Blue World Trade Center BWTC?

Despite being a landscape for real estate, the Blue World Trade Center Islamabad seems to be the most suitable prospect for all company sectors. It is the BGC-IGC Consortium’s most respected and varied initiative. Because of its strategic location, it is easily reached from all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, providing top-notch amenities with distinctive construction methods and designs. The extraordinary 500-foot height of the trade center surprises everyone by appearing for the first time in the twin cities. Four-year installment plans are available through flexible and reasonable pricing options. You might believe that investing in the Blue World Trade Center Investment Opportunities and becoming a part of this outstanding business tower is justified with all these services and advantages.

Features and Amenities

  • A Central Air Conditioning Unit
  • Wide Terraces For Aesthetics
  • 24/7 Watch System
  • Grand Luxury Mart
  • Restaurants And Outside Cafes
  • Watchful Hotels           
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Big Prayer Space
  • Services For Maintenance Management
  • Constant Power Supply

Why Investment in Pakistan?

The best choice is to invest in Pakistani real estate. Real estate has grown to be a significant and lucrative industry providing substantial investment returns. The various investment options include a property chance, company stock, growth, and defensive investment.

The most important thing is to be certain when investing; examine their prior investment performance, profit and loss, the validity of their NOC, the optimal place for their resources, and any supporting paperwork. After that, you can evaluate their dependability and trustworthiness at work. The ideal option is to put money into the Blue World Trade Center BWTC, business twin tower, where you will undoubtedly get a significant return on your investment.

An excellent prospect exists for foreigners to invest in Pakistan, ensure their financial future, and immediately launch a firm in the combined industry. The Blue World Trade Center is Pakistan’s first property exchange facility, offering effective office space and high-quality real estate services.

Booking Procedure

If you can book your store or wishes to move your corporate office, then this company trade tower is the ideal alternative. The booking process is reasonably simple and reliable as well. The relevant credentials are needed for the booking. You should first go there to learn more about the Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan and how the installments are made. It is a Blue World City project, and they have introduced a simple procedure to validate the Blue World Trade Center File Verification via an online system. 

Currently, this option is only open to those who wish to reserve plots in any sector of a Blue World City. You can have Blue World Trade Center Map to purchase a plot in any block, including the waterfront block, Awami residential block, overseas block, general block, or block located overseas. Through its app, you can stay in touch with Blue World City.

A Chance To Expand Your Business

People who run small firms have a lot of opportunities to grow their businesses by investing in BWTC. Their investments in a reputable project may make it easier for well-known business tycoons to reach the area and look for new opportunities to increase profit. A high-traffic area can be an ideal location to capture consumers’ attention.

In addition, it increases the best features, and the one-stop-shop qualities of BWTC provide efficiency to your business. Local business owners can benefit from BWTC’s strategic location by saving time and energy on shop upkeep, giving them more time to focus on growing their companies. The easily reachable and sought-after business address and shopping destination of BWTC authorizes a brand and other companies to give a very hard time to its competitors.


The first Pakistan Property exchange tower is the Blue World Trade Center which is being developed with the idea of developing a property expansion hub in the country. The developers aim to use multiple innovative designs of buildings and offer world-class facilities and amenities to the residents.

The development of this trade center will surely help expand high-tech productivity and functionality at a broad level. We all bring the best commercial and residential investment options for you at the best prices, such as Blue World City, Blue World Economic Zone, Blue Town Sapphire, Zaitoon City and Kings Town. Contact us now for any information about this project or our other projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The developers of Blue World Trade Center are no other than well renowned Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). It is a joint venture of BGC-IGC.

Blue World Tarde Center is the tallest business address with the twin tower structure and is intended to be the most sought-after business address of the twin cities. It will offer the investors on-hand shopping, trade, and business experience.

The location of the Blue World Trade Center is near Bahria Paradise Complex at Main G.T. Road. It is near phases 1 to 6 of the Bahria.

You need to invest in this project because it offers the best commercial investment options within the best budget range. In addition, it is the first tallest skyscraper designed to promote business and trade in the country. So, it is worth investing in.

Blue World Trade Center was launched on 29th Oct 2022. The development of this project has stepped up the game of real estate, business, and trade together.

Join Hands for Future