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Balloting for Blue World City Islamabad in March 2024

Blue World City Balloting March 2024

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Blue World City Islamabad stands as one of the capital’s most sought-after residential developments. Recent updates reveal that the management has slated the balloting for March 30, 2024, adding another layer to its already considerable popularity and igniting further interest among potential plot buyers. Noted for its distinctive theme-based architecture, affordability, international-standard layout, and top-notch amenities, BWC continues to draw attention. The official notice from management specifies that the Blue World City balloting for 2024 will encompass the General Block, Overseas Block, Sports Valley Block, Waterfront Block, and Awami Block. Serving as a flagship initiative of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), BWC is a collaborative effort between the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). With its promising prospects for both investment and residential purposes, this project holds significant potential.

Blue World City Balloting Date

The officials have announced the date for Blue World City’s balloting, scheduled for March 30, 2024. This highly anticipated event has instilled confidence and trust in the project’s management. Blue World City Islamabad, known for its expansive master plan covering various blocks, is set to conduct the 2024 balloting for the General Block, Overseas Block, Waterfront Block, Sports Valley Block, and Awami Block, as per the official notification.

Dues Clearance Deadline

The deadline for clearing dues for Blue World City’s 2024 balloting is March 22, 2024. As per the recent management notification, all members must settle their dues by this date to participate in the ballot. This extension was granted in response to multiple customer requests. However, it’s important to note that no further extensions will be provided, as per the society’s notification.

Blue World City Balloting March 2024 Requirements

To be eligible for the March 2024 balloting of Blue World City, certain requirements need to be met. The officials have outlined a specific percentage of the total payment that must be fulfilled to qualify for participation in this event. Payment can be made through either the regular installment plan or a lump sum. Below are the respective percentages of the total amount required for each block:

Blue World City General Block Balloting

As per the latest notification, to take part in the Blue World City General Block balloting, members need to have paid 90% of the total plot price. The General Block of BWC is highly sought after by members, leading the management to introduce the General Block Phase 2 due to its popularity and demand. This block is favored for its prime location and top-notch amenities.

Blue World City Overseas Block Balloting

For Blue World City Overseas Block Balloting, members are required to pay 75% of the total plot price. The Overseas Block is among the top-rated blocks of BWC, designed to offer an international standard lifestyle within Pakistan. This upcoming ballot event presents an excellent opportunity for investment with the potential for high returns. More information about this block’s payment plan and details can be obtained by visiting the Blue World City General Block.

Blue World City Awami Block Balloting

According to management, participation in Blue World City Awami Block Balloting necessitates payment of 75% of the total land cost. This block stands out as the most affordable and strategically located within BWC, offering a maximum number of residential plots with a reasonable payment plan. It boasts world-class amenities, well-paved roads, streets, and numerous recreational facilities.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Balloting

For Blue World City Waterfront Block Balloting, members must pay 75% of the total land cost. This block is meticulously planned and admired for its prime location and stunning views of the natural waterfront. It features unique facilities such as a floating restaurant and an outdoor cinema.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Balloting

Participation in the Sports Valley Block Balloting requires a payment of 50% of the total land amount. This block is designed to offer sports tourism to residents, making it a priority for customers and investors. It includes Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, a replica of Turkey’s famous Blue Mosque, and several other attractive sites.

How can I be part of this Ballot?

To participate in the Blue World City Balloting in March 2024, you need to follow the outlined procedure:

  1. Registration: Start by registering yourself with the relevant real estate developers or Blue World City officials. TimeSquare Marketing can also assist you with the registration process.

  2. Application Submission: Submit the BWC application form, ensuring it contains all accurate details and necessary documentation.

  3. Clearance of Dues: Clearing dues and installments is crucial for participation in the balloting. Ensure all dues are settled by the management’s announced deadline, which is March 22, 2024. Failure to pay the required percentage of dues before the deadline will render you ineligible for the Ballot.

  4. Balloting Event: Attend the balloting event on the date specified by the management after completing the above steps.

  5. Allocation of Plots: Following the balloting event, plots will be allocated to each participant, and plot files will be updated according to the assigned plot numbers.

Advantages of Plot Balloting

Plot balloting stands as a crucial step in acquiring real estate properties, offering individuals the opportunity to secure plots in their preferred locations within a community. Here are some notable reasons to participate in this event:

  1. Enhances Customers’ Satisfaction: Plot balloting ensures customers’ contentment by allowing them to secure plots according to their preferences.

  2. Boosts Investor Confidence in Management: Investors gain confidence in the project’s management through the transparent and fair process of plot balloting.

  3. Ensures Legal Compliance: Participation in plot balloting ensures adherence to legal regulations governing real estate transactions.

  4. Promotes Transparency and Fairness: The plot balloting process is characterized by transparency and fairness, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants.

  5. Maintains Stability in the Real Estate Market: Plot balloting contributes to the stability of the real estate market by facilitating orderly transactions and property allocation.


The eagerly anticipated Blue World City Balloting date reflects the management’s dedication and commitment to fulfilling its objectives. This event underscores the project’s focus on customer satisfaction and adherence to high living standards. Positioned near the M2 Motorway and Chakri Interchange, with affordability and international-standard infrastructure, Blue World City has emerged as a highly sought-after real estate venture in Islamabad and neighboring cities. For more information about the upcoming balloting event, please visit TimeSquare Marketing.