Blue World Tower: Shaping the Skies of Islamabad with Elegance and Vision

Blue World Tower Shaping the Skies of Islamabad with Elegance and Vision

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Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Blue World City, Islamabad, the awe-inspiring Blue World Tower stands as a true testament to architectural brilliance and visionary leadership. Initially known as Burj Al Arab, this iconic luxury hotel has been metamorphosed into the Blue World Tower under the watchful eye of Mr. Saad Nazir. As the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan, Blue World City sets the stage for world-class infrastructures and architectural marvels, with the Blue World Tower leading the way. In this blog, we will explore the captivating journey of Blue World Tower, its remarkable features, its pivotal role in the city’s development, and the reasons behind the name change.

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The Birth of an Icon

Rising to a height of 300 feet, the Blue World Tower is a magnificent replica of the iconic sail-shaped architecture of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. A symbol of elegance and luxury, this state-of-the-art structure is poised to become one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. The tower’s central location in the Business Square of Blue World City ensures that it not only enhances the city’s skyline but also serves as a beacon for tourists and residents alike.

A Masterpiece in the Making

The development of Blue World Tower has been nothing short of a feat of engineering prowess. With 14 floors and 3 basements, covering a sprawling area of 11,802 sq. meters, the tower houses penthouse residences, a 119-foot Atrium, corporate offices, and sky-view towers. Additionally, it proudly hosts the corporate headquarters of the BGC-IGC Consortium, adding to its significance in the corporate landscape of Islamabad.

Unveiling a Dream: Inauguration Day

On a momentous day in history, July 19, 2020, the groundbreaking ceremony of Blue World Tower took place. High-ranking officials, real estate investors, stakeholders, and the media gathered to witness this momentous occasion. The CEO of the Blue Group of Companies, in his speech, outlined the Tower’s prospects and its pivotal role in shaping the city’s future.

Strategic Location: A Key to Success

The location of Blue World Tower in the commercial zone of Blue World City is a stroke of genius. With its easy accessibility and proximity to essential amenities, schools, transportation hubs, and recreational centers, the tower has set the bar high for prime real estate. This strategic placement has not only elevated the value of the property but also attracted investors seeking promising returns on their investments.

A Symphony of Luxury and Functionality

The Blue World Tower’s top-notch quality, rapid development, and unique architecture make it a focal point for investors and residents alike. Each suite is elegantly designed, offering breathtaking views of Islamabad’s enchanting landscape. The Tower also boasts a variety of dining options, high-end boutiques, and a Sky View Bar on the 27th floor, providing guests with an unparalleled experience of opulence and sophistication.

A Testament to Progress: Development Update

The rapid development of the Blue World Tower is a testament to the relentless dedication of its builders. With the completion of seven floors and the gray structure taking shape, the tower is on track to becoming a magnificent architectural marvel. Its awe-inspiring design and top-notch construction will undoubtedly leave everyone awe-struck once the project is completed.

The Evolution of a Name: Blue World Tower

Initially planned as an imitation of the Burj Al Arab, the developers christened the tower “Burj Al Arab.” However, as the vision of Blue World City evolved and took shape, the developers decided to change its name to “Blue World Tower.” This decision represents the city’s quest for a unique identity and signifies the commitment of Mr. Saad Nazir to fulfill promises of delivering world-class infrastructure to the nation.

A Beacon of Growth: Blue World City Future

As the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan, Blue World City is on a mission to promote tourism and enhance the country’s economic landscape. The Blue World Tower serves as a beacon of growth, inviting investment and tourism to the region. With its remarkable features, exceptional amenities, and visionary leadership, Blue World City is set to become a benchmark for urban planning and development in Pakistan.


The Blue World Tower stands tall as a testament to human ingenuity and ambition, embracing both elegance and vision. As an iconic luxury hotel in Islamabad, it symbolizes the aspirations of Blue World City to become a hub of tourism and economic growth. The tower’s journey from Burj Al Arab to Blue World Tower mirrors the city’s transformation and its unique identity. With its breathtaking design, top-notch amenities, and strategic location, Blue World Tower is undoubtedly shaping the skies of Islamabad, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s real estate landscape and ushering in an era of progress and prosperity.