Digitization of Property Ownership Verification in Pakistan: A Technological Leap

Digitization of Property Ownership Verification in Pakistan

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In the last couple of decades, technological advancements have transformed various aspects of our lives, including how we access information and conduct transactions. One such significant transformation has been witnessed in Pakistan’s real estate sector, where the process of checking property ownership has transitioned from a cumbersome manual procedure to a streamlined digital system. The digitization of property ownership verification has not only simplified the process but also brought transparency, efficiency, and trust to the real estate industry in the country.

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The Evolution of Property Ownership Verification

Traditionally, verifying property ownership in Pakistan was a slow and often corrupt process that required individuals to engage with Patwaris and navigate through a labyrinthine bureaucracy. This archaic system was not only time-consuming but also prone to irregularities, leading to disputes and loss of property rights, especially for women. Recognizing the need for a transparent, efficient, and accessible solution, the Pakistani government introduced digital platforms to address these issues.

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Digitization Initiatives: LRMIS and LARIMS

To cater to the growing demand for streamlined property ownership verification, the government launched the Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) in Punjab and the Land Administration and Record Management Information System (LARIMS) in Sindh. These digital platforms are maintained by the revenue departments of their respective provinces and provide easy online access to property ownership information. This revolutionary step has not only enhanced the real estate investment landscape but also contributed to addressing issues like encroachments and illegal constructions.

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How to Check Property Ownership Online in Pakistan

  1. Visit the Relevant Website: To initiate the property ownership verification process, visit the official website of either Punjab Zameen or Sindh Zameen Land Record, depending on your location.

  2. Access the Property Registration Section: On the homepage of the respective website, locate and click on the “Property Registration” button, which will redirect you to the property verification page.

  3. Enter Property Details: Provide the required information, starting with selecting the district where the property is located from the dropdown menu.

  4. Select Taluka or Tehsil: Choose the appropriate Taluka or Tehsil from the menu provided.

  5. Specify Property Area: Indicate the specific property area from the available options.

  6. Choose Search Criterion: Select the search criterion from the available options: Khewat Number (property number) or CNIC (National Identity Card number).

  7. Input Details and Search: Enter the necessary details based on your chosen search criterion and click on the search button to retrieve the property ownership information.

Benefits of Digitization

The digitization of property ownership verification in Pakistan has ushered in a range of benefits that are transforming the real estate sector:

  1. Transparency and Reliability: The digitized system has eliminated the opacity and corruption that were prevalent in the manual process. Property owners and investors can now trust the authenticity of the information they receive.

  2. Time Efficiency: What used to take several days or even weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. This accelerated verification process expedites property transactions and deal closures.

  3. Remote Access: The availability of property records online means that individuals can access ownership information from anywhere in Pakistan, fostering ease of access and convenience.

  4. Overseas Investment: The online verification system has instilled confidence among overseas Pakistanis to invest in the country’s real estate. The ability to remotely verify property ownership encourages investment from abroad.

  5. NADRA Verification: Investors can also cross-reference property verification with the National Database Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (NADRA), further enhancing the credibility of property transactions.


The digitization of property ownership verification in Pakistan marks a significant leap towards modernizing the real estate sector. This technological advancement has streamlined the process, minimized corruption, and instilled trust in property transactions. As the online system continues to evolve and improve, it is likely to attract more investors, both local and overseas, leading to a thriving and transparent real estate market. With this transformation, the famous saying by Louis Glickman holds true: “The best investment on earth is earth.”