Is Blue World City Islamabad Approved by Cda?

Is Blue World City Islamabad Approved by Cda

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Blue World City Islamabad, a sprawling housing project nestled near Rawat and adjacent to Motorway M-2, has captured the attention of potential investors and residents alike since its inception in 2018. Touted as a haven of affordable yet quality living, the project promises an array of modern amenities within a self-contained community. Central to its appeal is the claim that Blue World City has obtained the coveted approval of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), signifying its legitimacy and adherence to regulatory standards. In this article, we embark on a thorough exploration of Blue World City Approved by CDA status, its implications for potential investors, and the broader context of housing development in Islamabad.

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Blue World City: A Vision for Modern Living

Blue World City Islamabad, conceptualized and developed by the established Blue Group of Companies, aspires to redefine the housing landscape of the region. With an ambitious 4,500-acre expanse, the project envisions more than 22,000 housing units, schools, commercial areas, hospitals, parks, and an array of other facilities. The developers’ track record of timely and budget-conscious project delivery adds to the appeal of this venture. The construction, anticipated to span the next five to seven years, holds promise not only for the real estate market but also for generating employment opportunities.

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Capital Development Authority (CDA): Oversight and Challenges

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) plays a pivotal role in shaping Islamabad’s urban landscape, responsible for planning, development, and regulatory oversight. Established in 1960, the CDA shoulders the responsibility of essential infrastructure, including roads, water supply, parks, and housing. However, its track record has been marred by allegations of corruption and difficulties in managing the rapid urban growth of Islamabad. The inadequate provision of amenities in certain zones and allegations of favoritism in contract awarding have cast shadows over the CDA’s efficiency.

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The Approval Process for Blue World City

The journey towards CDA approval is a rigorous process that Blue World City has purportedly navigated. To attain CDA’s nod, the project had to be registered with the authority, followed by the submission of a comprehensive feasibility study. The CDA reviews this study meticulously before making the pivotal decision to grant or deny approval. Upon approval, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued, permitting the project to obtain necessary construction permits. It is imperative that the ensuing construction adheres to CDA’s stringent guidelines, failure of which could entail penalties or even project demolition.

Investor Implications: Transparency and ROI

Prospective investors in Blue World City find themselves at a critical juncture. The purported CDA approval lends credibility to the project, offering assurance that the development aligns with regulatory standards. This not only instills confidence but also provides a basis for estimating Return on Investment (ROI), bolstered by the anticipation of timely completion and high-quality infrastructure. Such factors enhance Blue World City’s allure as a promising investment opportunity.

The Role of Blue Group of Companies

The driving force behind Blue World City, the Blue Group of Companies, possesses a reputable standing in the Pakistani construction and real estate arena. With over three decades of industry expertise, the developer has marked its presence across major cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta. This legacy of successful project execution contributes to the credibility and reliability of Blue World City.

Amenities that Elevate Living Standards

Blue World City’s commitment to elevating living standards is evident through its diverse range of amenities. The project boasts a secured, gated community monitored by 24-hour security, promising safety to its residents. Dining and shopping options abound, while green spaces and parks invite nature enthusiasts. Healthcare needs are catered to with a world-class facility, and education finds a home in the international school within the community. A clubhouse, exercise room, and swimming pool add to the project’s allure, ensuring a holistic living experience.

CDA Approval Controversy: Fact or Fiction?

The claim of Blue World City’s CDA approval has sparked skepticism and debate. While the project asserts its endorsement by the CDA, conflicting reports and the absence of official announcements raise questions about the authenticity of the claim. Reports of a stop-work order by the CDA further complicate matters. The question of whether Blue World City truly possesses CDA approval remains unanswered, underscoring the need for clarity and transparency in such ventures.

RDA Has Revised The Legal Status Of Blue World City

Blue World City, a forward-looking project situated in Rawalpindi, has been the subject of legal contention since its inception. Despite assertions from management and owners, a substantial portion of individuals, investors, and potential buyers have regarded the project with skepticism, deeming it unauthorized due to the absence of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Persisting allegations have also accused the project of forceful land acquisition without compensation.

However, recent efforts by Blue World City’s administration have led to the removal of the illegal designation, as they diligently fulfilled RDA’s requirements and resubmitted essential documentation. While the NOC is currently under review by different RDA departments, the imminent issuance of the NOC for approximately 12,465 Kanals of land signifies a positive turn of events, potentially restoring confidence among stakeholders and heralding a new phase for the project.

blue world city islamabad approved by cda

Investing Wisely in Blue World City

Despite the uncertainty surrounding CDA approval, Blue World City’s investment appeal remains intact. Several factors contribute to its viability as an investment destination:

  1. CDA Approval: If the claim of CDA approval holds true, investors can rest assured that the project aligns with regulatory standards.

  2. Strategic Location: Situated near Chakri Road and the New Islamabad International Airport, the project’s location enhances its accessibility and convenience.

  3. Property Diversity: Blue World City offers a range of property options, including residential plots, commercial plots, apartments, and villas, catering to diverse investor preferences.

  4. Comprehensive Amenities: State-of-the-art facilities, including a mosque, hospitals, schools, and theme parks, elevate the community’s desirability.

  5. Developer Reputation: The Blue Group of Companies’ proven track record underscores their ability to deliver quality projects on schedule.

  6. Attractive Payment Plans: Investor-friendly payment plans facilitate investment by allowing payments in manageable installments.


In conclusion, Blue World City Islamabad represents a bold vision for modern living, promising a self-contained community complete with diverse amenities. The question of CDA approval adds an element of uncertainty, yet the project’s investment potential remains enticing. As Islamabad’s demand for housing continues to surge, private developers like Blue Group of Companies step in to bridge the gap. Whether Blue World City gains full CDA approval or not, its impact on Islamabad’s real estate landscape is undeniable. Potential investors are presented with an opportunity to contribute to this vision, capitalizing on the project’s strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and developer credibility. As the city evolves, Blue World City could stand as a testament to innovation and investment in Pakistan’s housing sector.