Unlock Savings and Convenience with Blue World City APR Forms

Unlock Savings and Convenience with Blue World City APR Forms

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Blue World City, a prominent real estate development, has brought forth an array of customer-centric services to enhance the convenience and affordability of property ownership. Among these innovative solutions are Advance Payment Receipts (Blue World City APR Forms) and File Merging options. These initiatives are designed to empower members of the society by providing them with substantial discounts and flexibility, ensuring a seamless experience in the process of acquiring and managing residential files. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Blue World City APR forms and File Merging, shedding light on how they work and the benefits they offer.

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Advance Payment Receipts (APR) Forms

Blue World City recognizes the importance of making property ownership accessible and economical for its members. To achieve this, the society has introduced Advance Payment Receipts (APR) Forms, a unique offering that extends remarkable benefits to individuals looking to invest in specific blocks. APR forms allow buyers to make an advanced payment at a discounted price, which can subsequently be adjusted within the installment plans of eligible residential files.

Blue World City APR Forms

Eligible Blocks for APR Usage

APR forms can be employed exclusively in the following blocks:

  1. Overseas Block
  2. Awami Residential Complex
  3. Sports Valley

This strategic selection of blocks ensures that a wide range of members can take advantage of this opportunity. By allowing APR forms in these blocks, Blue World City encourages a diverse group of investors to participate, further enriching the society’s community.

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Benefits of Using APR Forms

The advantages of utilizing APR forms are two-fold. Firstly, members can save a significant portion of their investment, with potential discounts ranging from 25% to 30%. This reduction in upfront costs empowers individuals who may have budget constraints or are seeking to optimize their financial planning.

Secondly, APR forms enable members to conveniently adjust their discounted payments within the installment plans of their chosen residential files. This flexible approach eases the burden of large lump-sum payments and aligns with the varying financial capacities of property buyers.

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File Merging: Maximizing Efficiency and Savings

Another pioneering feature offered by Blue World City is the File Merging option, which provides a remarkable opportunity for cost-effective property acquisition. File Merging allows members who own property in the Waterfront Block to merge their existing files with additional open files of the same size, leading to substantial savings.

Eligibility for File Merging

File Merging is exclusively available in the Waterfront Block. This block offers a picturesque location and prime real estate, making it a sought-after choice for many investors. Members who own a 6 marla file in the Waterfront Block can leverage the File Merging option to combine it with another open 6 marla file, resulting in a substantial reduction in costs.

Benefits of File Merging

The advantages of File Merging are remarkable. By combining two files of the same size, investors can potentially save up to 50% of the total cost. This cost-effective approach opens avenues for more members to invest in premium real estate while ensuring financial prudence.

Process of File Merging

The process of File Merging is simple and efficient. Members interested in availing this option need to purchase an open file from the market. Subsequently, they can visit the Blue World City head office to initiate the merging process. This seamless procedure underscores the society’s commitment to providing hassle-free experiences for its members.


Blue World City’s introduction of Advance Payment Receipts (APR) Forms and File Merging options exemplifies its dedication to enhancing the accessibility, affordability, and convenience of property ownership. These innovative solutions cater to a diverse array of investors, providing them with substantial discounts and flexible payment options. Blue World City APR forms empower members to save significantly and adjust payments within their chosen installment plans. Similarly, File Merging offers a golden opportunity to maximize savings, particularly in the premium Waterfront Block. By embracing these forward-thinking initiatives, Blue World City cements its status as a visionary real estate developer that prioritizes the needs and aspirations of its valued members.