5 Marla Plot in Blue World City Islamabad

5 Marla Plot in Blue World City Islamabad

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Blue World City, established by the Blue Group of Companies, is a residential community boasting modern infrastructure and amenities. This article aims to inform potential real estate investors about the variety of plot sizes available within the different blocks of Blue World City. Continue reading to learn more about the options for plot sizes in this housing society.

Before diving into the specifics of plot sizes available in Blue World City, it’s important to have a basic understanding of this housing society. In the following sections, we will provide a brief overview of Blue World City, followed by detailed information on the 5 Marla plots available in BWC, including their pricing across different blocks.

5 Marla Plot in BWC

Blue World City stands out as the country’s inaugural tourist-centric urban development, designed to offer residents an unparalleled living experience at a highly affordable cost. The term “5 Marla plot” in BWC signifies a parcel of land that spans roughly 5 Marlas. In Pakistan, the Marla is a traditional unit for measuring land, where 1 Marla is equal to about 272.25 square feet or 25.29 square meters. Consequently, a plot of 5 Marlas would encompass an area close to 1,361.25 square feet or 125.45 square meters.

For those interested in acquiring a 5-Marla plot within Blue World City, it’s recommended to reach out to professional real estate brokers or to visit the project’s official online platform for more information. To assist further, we are crafting a comprehensive guide on securing a 5-Marla plot in Blue World City.

Blue World City Blocks

BWC is home to a diverse range of blocks, including:

  • General Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Sports Valley Block
  • Waterfront District
  • Executive Block, among others.

Each block features plots of varying sizes, accompanied by distinct payment plans. Let’s delve into the details of each block individually.

General Block

The General Block within BWC is presenting 5 Marla plots for purchase, catering to both residential and commercial interests, making it an excellent investment opportunity. The starting price for a 5-Marla residential plot is PKR 1,190,000, following a waiver on possession charges. To secure a plot, an initial booking fee of PKR 119,000 is required. Additionally, 5 Marla commercial plots are available in the Blue World City General Block, priced at PKR 7,200,000 after the possession waiver. The booking for these commercial plots demands an upfront payment of PKR 720,000, followed by 40 monthly installments set at PKR 72,000 each.

Overseas Block

In Blue World City’s Overseas Block, 5 Marla plots are exclusively available for commercial purposes, indicating no availability for residential use in this sector. This presents a unique investment chance within the commercial domain. The purchase price for such a plot is set at PKR 9,400,000. To book one of these plots, an initial down payment of 10% of the total cost is required, with the balance spread over 40 monthly installments.

Sports Valley Block

The Sports Valley Block within Blue World City also features 5 Marla plots for sale. As one of the newest additions to BWC, it currently enjoys high demand. Those interested in investing in this block are looking at a total cost of PKR 2,200,000. To secure a plot, an initial booking fee of PKR 150,000 is required, followed by 40 monthly installments, making it a highly affordable option in this premier tourist-focused city. Therefore, we strongly recommend considering an investment in this project.

BWC Waterfront District

In Blue World City, the Waterfront District block offers 5 Marla plots exclusively for commercial investment. The purchasing price for these plots is set at PKR 9,600,000, with an initial booking fee of PKR 800,000 required to secure one. The remainder of the payment can be made through 40 monthly installments, complemented by 8 semi-annual installments.

Executive Block

The Executive Block in Blue World City features 5 Marla plots on sale. These plots are priced at PKR 875,000 each, with a requirement of a 10% initial down payment. Payment terms are flexible, offering a scheme divided into 40 monthly and 8 bi-annual installments, allowing investors to select the plan that best fits their financial situation.


Throughout this article, we’ve explored the various blocks within Blue World City where 5 Marla plots are available for purchase. If you’re considering making an investment in any of these blocks, it’s wise to seek advice from a top real estate firm in Pakistan. For trustworthy investment guidance, Sapphire Properties is a commendable choice to consider.