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A Detailed Guide to Lahore Sky Payment Plan

A Detailed Guide to Lahore Sky Payment Plan

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In the vibrant metropolis of Lahore, where aspirations become reality, Lahore Sky emerges as a symbol of comfort and opulence. The Lahore Sky Payment Plan introduces an exceptional four-year installment strategy, meticulously designed to accommodate various financial needs. This makes Lahore Sky an appealing and accessible option for investors. The project’s developers, OZ developers, are providing convenient and economical investment choices. Following the tremendous success of Bahria Sky in Lahore, they have launched Lahore Sky along the Main Ferozepur Road in Lahore.

Lahore Sky Payment Plan

Lahore Sky stands as a monumental structure, reaching a height of 350 feet and spreading across 25 floors, becoming a prominent feature in the city’s most desirable area. This development, which includes six towers, showcases the pinnacle of contemporary architecture and living standards. A highlight of this project is its development in partnership with a renowned Australian Consultant, adding an international flair to its design and execution.

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Commercial Payment Plan

The Lahore Sky Payment plan is diversified into two categories: commercial and residential. The commercial payment scheme at Lahore Sky reflects its dedication to offering flexibility and ease to its investors. These commercial units are located from the ground floor up to the sixth floor, encompassing a range of facilities. Investment opportunities are available in various sectors across all floors, including:

  • Main Boulevard
  • Standard locations
  • Atrium-facing units
  • Units facing a 60 Ft. wide area

Each sector presents a unique area on each floor, with prices varying according to the sector and floor level. The fourth floor is animated with a lively food court, whereas the fifth and sixth floors are reserved for offices and IT parks. The commercial payment plan provides an opportunity for investors to distribute their investment over 48 monthly payments, facilitating a smooth and manageable investment process.

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Lahore Sky Commercial Payment Plan

Residential Payment Plan

For individuals seeking a residential oasis, the Lahore Sky payment plan emerges as the most attractive and affordable option. The 11th through 14th floors are allocated for residential apartments, with the epitome of opulence found on the 17th floor, where penthouses elevate the standard of luxurious living. This residential payment scheme maintains financial flexibility, requiring only a 20% initial down payment to secure your preferred property. Additionally, the plan accommodates buyers with the option to cover the cost of their homes through 40 monthly installments and 8 semi-annual installments, ensuring ease of payment throughout the investment process.

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Lahore Sky Residential Payment Plan

A Great Investment Opportunity

Lahore Sky transcends the definition of mere structures, presenting itself as an investment prospect that appeals to the ambitions of both commercial and residential investors alike. The payment plan of Lahore Sky demonstrates the developer’s dedication to opening the doors of premium real estate to a wider range of investors. Whether you envision embarking on a vibrant commercial endeavor or seeking a peaceful residential retreat, Lahore Sky warmly invites you to explore its offerings.

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Terms and Conditions

While the Lahore Sky payment plan paves a seamless path to achieving your investment dreams, it’s crucial to understand the developers’ terms and conditions. The listed prices are for standard locations, and preferences for specific features such as Main Boulevard (MB), corner units, units facing a 60ft road, or those overlooking the atrium, will incur an extra charge of 10-15%.

Additionally, there may be discrepancies in the actual sizes of units, and investors are advised to closely review the specifications to ensure their expectations match the real dimensions. Despite these stipulations, Lahore Sky is dedicated to maintaining transparency and aims to keep investors fully informed throughout their journey.

How to Book Your Property?

To reserve your preferred property in this highly sought-after real estate venture by OZ developers, reach out to TimeSquare Marketing today to explore your investment possibilities. Our team of skilled real estate experts will assist you in securing the deal you desire. As trusted marketing associates of OZ developers, we handle all their projects, including Bahria Sky and Lahore Sky.


In a city marked by its dynamic real estate development, Lahore Sky stands out as a prime investment choice. The payment plan for Lahore Sky is thoughtfully designed to cater to both commercial and residential investors, showcasing a dedication to accessibility and ease of investment. The project’s developers are focused on ensuring transparency, delivering quality, and achieving your utmost contentment. Embark on your perfect investment journey with Lahore Sky, and allow us to guide you into a realm of luxurious living.