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Blue World City NOC Status 2023

Blue World City NOC Status 2023

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Blue World City Islamabad is a luxurious housing community situated in close proximity to Chakri Interchange. Its prime location and rapid expansion make it stand out amongst other similar developments. What’s even more noteworthy is that the project has recently received approval for Blue World City NOC by both the District Council and the RDA.

Developers and Owners of Blue World City

The owner of Blue World City is Mr. Saad Nazir, and the project was developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BWC). Notably, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a renowned Chinese entity, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in relation to the project.

Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City Location

Blue World City is strategically located on the Main Chakri Road near Rawalpindi Ring Road, making it easily accessible and convenient for the residents. The housing project has the capacity to accommodate over 100,000 people and is designed to provide a range of facilities, including commercial, entertainment, and educational amenities, as well as a variety of other conveniences.

Blue World City Location

Future of Blue World City

Investing in Blue World City Islamabad now is a wise decision, as the project’s future looks bright. Investors who take the opportunity to purchase plots at the current rates are likely to make maximum profits in the future. As the Rawalpindi Ring Road development progresses, the value of the Blue World City housing project is expected to increase, eventually competing with other top housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, such as Bahria Town, Blue World Trade Center and DHA Islamabad.

Moreover, the Blue World City map indicates that the housing project will include some exceptional tourism features, making it the first purpose-built tourism destination in Pakistan. These attractions will not only benefit the project’s residents but also the country’s overall economy. Islamabad will have a source of exciting recreation and tourism that was previously lacking in the city.

Necessity of NOC

In real estate transactions, the term NOC commonly refers to the No-Objection-Certificate. This certificate Blue World City NOC is essential for main contractors and property owners to purchase property in Islamabad. To obtain the Blue World City NOC, developers must submit all necessary documents to regulatory agencies, who then conduct thorough file verifications and make any necessary adjustments. Once the housing project receives planning authorization from the authorities, the owners can proceed with the project. It is worth noting that failure to obtain adequate approval from the relevant authorities can render the housing project illegal.

Blue World City NOC Approval

Exciting news for investors and potential residents of Blue World City Islamabad, as the housing project has been granted Blue World City NOC legal status by the District Council, covering a total area of 1534 kanals and 05 marlas. This includes 1134 kanals in Mouza Sehal and 400 kanals in Mouza Habtal, both located on the main Chakri Road. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and District Council have played a critical role in ensuring the project’s completion and authenticity. The NOC approval reference number is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148, signed on December 11, 2021, under the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, and the district council Rawalpindi issued vide letter no. 532/10/DC on August 7, 2018.

The Blue World City Islamabad Location Map is undergoing a rapid transformation, and investors are increasingly interested following the official acceptance of the Blue World City NOC. The development of Blue World City Islamabad is proceeding at a rapid pace, with Chinese corporations’ assistance, making it a legitimate housing society. In fact, it is also known as the Pak-China friendly housing project and will be one of Islamabad’s first purpose-built international tourism landmarks.

The CEO of Blue World City, Saad Nazir, has announced that roughly 50,000 flats and 5000 homes will be built under the NPHP banner in the near future. Any claims that the Blue World City Islamabad master plan is an illegal housing society are unfounded, as it is being constructed to meet the housing needs of the country’s lower-middle-income residents. The Blue World City Islamabad payment plan has been thoughtfully designed to make it affordable for all. Investors can check the Blue World City Online Payment Plan on the TimeSquare Marketing website, and for file verification information, they can visit the TimeSquare Marketing home page.

Blue World City NOC


In conclusion, the Blue World City in Islamabad is a lawful and secure housing society, being developed with the support of Chinese corporations, and hence referred to as the Pakistan-China Housing Project. This makes it an attractive investment opportunity without any legal risks.

Moreover, the recent positive developments in Blue World City NOC status, as it emerged victorious in litigation against the Rawalpindi Development Authority, are encouraging. The ongoing construction of the society indicates that it is a significant and promising real estate project in Islamabad.