Exploring Blue World City Overseas Block New Rates

Exploring Blue World City Overseas Block New Rates

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As the real estate market continues to evolve in Pakistan, Blue World City stands out as a remarkable development, capturing the attention of investors both domestically and internationally. Among its most intriguing features is the Blue World City Overseas Block, which has recently introduced new rates, making it an enticing prospect for overseas Pakistanis and other investors seeking lucrative opportunities. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Blue World City Overseas Block new rates, examining what makes this investment option so attractive and why now might be the perfect time to get involved.

Introduction to Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue World City, a project by Blue Group of Companies (BGC), is a grand development situated near the new Islamabad International Airport. The project aims to offer a blend of luxurious living and modern infrastructure, catering to both local and international standards. One of the standout features of Blue World City is its Overseas Block, specifically designed to meet the expectations and preferences of overseas Pakistanis.

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Why Choose Blue World City Overseas Block?

The Overseas Block in Blue World City is strategically positioned, offering a range of residential plots that are well-equipped with modern amenities. The development promises a high-quality lifestyle with facilities such as 24/7 security, state-of-the-art infrastructure, recreational parks, and an efficient waste management system. Additionally, its proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport adds to its appeal, making it a convenient location for frequent travelers.

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Blue World City Overseas Block New Rates

Understanding the Blue World City Overseas Block new rates is crucial for potential investors. The developers have recently revised the pricing structure to make it more competitive and attractive. These new rates reflect the project’s commitment to providing value for money while ensuring that the properties remain accessible to a broad range of buyers.

Residential Plots

  • 7 Marla: Starting from PKR 19.25 Lakh
  • 10 Marla: Starting from PKR 26.8 Lakh
  • 14 Marla: Starting from PKR 36.50 Lakh
  • 1 Kanal: Starting from PKR 48 Lakh
  • 2 Kanal: Starting from PKR 77 Lakh

Commercial Plots

  • 5 Marla: Starting from PKR 94 Lakh
  • 7 Marla: Starting from PKR 1 Crore 50 Lakh
Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plan

Investment Benefits of Blue World City Overseas Block

Investing in the Blue World City Overseas Block offers several compelling benefits. Here are a few reasons why these new rates make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Strategic Location: The Overseas Block’s proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport and major road networks makes it a prime location for investment. This strategic positioning ensures easy access and connectivity, enhancing the overall value of the properties.

  2. Modern Infrastructure: Blue World City is designed with a futuristic vision, featuring modern infrastructure and world-class amenities. This includes wide roads, reliable utility services, and advanced security systems, ensuring a high standard of living.

  3. Community Living: The Overseas Block promotes a sense of community with its thoughtfully planned residential areas, parks, and recreational facilities. This focus on community living adds to the appeal for families and individuals alike.

  4. Lucrative Returns: Real estate investments in Blue World City, especially in the Overseas Block, are expected to yield substantial returns. The new rates are set to attract more investors, driving demand and potentially increasing property values over time.

  5. Flexible Payment Plans: To facilitate investors, Blue World City offers flexible payment plans that make it easier to purchase plots in the Overseas Block. These plans are designed to accommodate various financial situations, making investment more accessible.

How to Invest in Blue World City Overseas Block

Investing in the Blue World City Overseas Block is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Research and Selection: Begin by researching the available plot sizes and understanding the Blue World City Overseas Block new rates. This will help you determine the best option that suits your investment goals and budget.

  2. Consultation with a Real Estate Expert: It is advisable to consult with a real estate expert who can provide insights into the market trends and guide you through the investment process. They can help you navigate the paperwork and ensure a smooth transaction.

  3. Booking and Payment: Once you have selected a plot, the next step is to proceed with the booking. Blue World City offers flexible payment plans, allowing you to choose a plan that fits your financial capabilities.

  4. Documentation: Ensure that all necessary documentation is completed accurately. This includes the sale agreement, payment receipts, and any other required legal documents.

  5. Follow-Up and Development Updates: Stay updated with the development progress of Blue World City. Regularly checking in on the construction status and any new announcements will keep you informed about your investment.


The Blue World City Overseas Block presents a golden opportunity for investors, particularly with the introduction of the new rates. These new rates not only make the properties more accessible but also promise significant returns on investment. With its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and community-focused living environment, the Overseas Block is set to become a highly sought-after residential and investment destination.

Whether you are an overseas Pakistani looking to invest back home or a local investor seeking a high-potential opportunity, the Blue World City Overseas Block new rates make it an ideal choice. The combination of affordable pricing, flexible payment plans, and premium amenities ensures that your investment is secure and promising.

As the real estate market continues to grow, Blue World City remains at the forefront of innovative and sustainable developments. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this dynamic project. Explore the Blue World City Overseas Block new rates today and take the first step towards a prosperous investment journey.