Comprehensive Guide to Building a 5 Marla House in Pakistan

Comprehensive Guide to Building a 5 Marla House in Pakistan

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Building your dream home can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to constructing a 5 Marla house in Pakistan. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview, covering everything from initial planning to the finishing touches. With careful budgeting and strategic planning, you can turn your vision into reality while saving costs and ensuring a home tailored to your preferences.

Part 1: Planning and Initial Steps

Plot Demarcation

Before construction begins, it’s crucial to mark the boundaries of your plot. This involves surveyors marking the four corners of the plot and issuing a demarcation certificate. This step ensures you know the exact location of your plot and serves as a foundation for the entire construction process.

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Excavation and Layout

Plot excavation is the next step, where the foundation of your home is established. The excavation process involves digging approved areas to the specified depth and dimensions outlined in the architectural drawings. This phase typically takes 3 to 4 days and lays the groundwork for the construction process.

Underground Termite Proofing

To protect your home’s foundation from termite damage, an underground termite-proofing treatment is essential. This treatment is applied after excavation and is a preventive measure against potential termite infestations. The approximate cost for this treatment in a 5 Marla house is around 25,000 PKR.

Base Filling

Base filling with high-quality sand, known as “ghassu,” is crucial for creating a strong foundation. Choosing the right type of sand, such as Ravi sand, is important for optimal compaction. Approximately 3300 cubic feet of ghassu is required for filling a 5 Marla house.

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Ghassu Type Rate Per Cubic Feet (PKR)
Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand) Rs. 28

Foundation Construction

Following base filling, the foundation work commences using bricks or blocks. Red clay bricks or fly ash bricks are popular choices, providing strength and stability to the entire structure. This phase sets the stage for the grey structure construction.

Part 2: Grey Structure Construction

Grey Structure Overview

The grey structure is the skeletal framework of your home, encompassing various elements such as brick walls, roofing, concrete/cement wall plaster, safety grills, main gate, and more. This section delves into the essential components of the grey structure construction.

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RCC Lintel

RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) lintel is a critical step in the construction process, providing strength to the overall structure. The use of steel lintels is recommended for durability, with the quantity of steel ranging from 1300 to 1400 kg. High-quality steel bars (Grade 60 or Grade 40), cement, coarse sand, crush, and binding wire are essential materials for this phase.

Crush Type Rate Per Cubic Feet (PKR)
Crush Sargodha Rs. 130
Crush Margalla Rs. 138
Crush Deena Bajar Rs. 95
Crush Mix Bajar Rs. 125
Steel Type Rate Per Kg (PKR)
Steel Bar 60-Grade AF Steel Rs. 270
Steel Bar 60-Grade Amreli Steel Rs. 275
Steel Bar 60-Grade FF Steel Rs. 270
Steel Bar 60-Grade Ittefaq Steel Rs. 270
Steel Bar 60-Grade Kamran Steel Rs. 270
Steel Bar 60-Grade MS Steel Rs. 270
Steel Bar 60-Grade Mughal Steel Rs. 260
Steel Bar 60-Grade Saeed Steel Rs. 270

Wiring, Gas Piping, and Plumbing Work

This section covers the installation of electrical wiring, gas piping, and plumbing systems. It details the rough estimate for these components, including the cost of materials such as pipes, conduits, insulation, and labor charges.

Concrete Plaster

The exterior grey finishing involves the application of concrete plaster to the brick walls. This phase enhances the structure’s appearance, providing a smooth finish and protection against environmental elements. The cost estimation for concrete plaster is discussed, covering materials like cement and labor charges.

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Part 3: 5 Marla House Construction Cost Estimate

Material Costs

This section provides a detailed breakdown of material costs for constructing a 5 Marla house. It covers the rates and quantities of essential materials such as bricks, cement, sand, crush, ghassu, steel, iron chokhat, aluminum for windows, main gate, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, and more.

Labor Costs

Labor costs play a significant role in the overall construction budget. The estimated labor charges for various construction phases, including plumbing, wiring, gas piping, and general construction, are outlined based on prevailing rates in different areas of Pakistan.

Total Grey Structure Cost

A comprehensive calculation of the total cost for the grey structure construction is presented. This includes the sum of material costs and labor charges, providing an overall estimate for building the foundational structure of a 5 Marla house.

Total Grey Structure Cost of 5 Marla House Double-Storey

Material Rate (PKR) Quantity Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks 14 56,000 784,000
Cement 1060 600 636,000
Ravi Sand 42/c.ft. 3,150 c.ft. 132,300
Chenab Sand 60/c.ft. 700 c.ft. 42,000
Margalla Crush 138/c.ft. 900 c.ft. 124,200
Sargodha Crush 130/c.ft. 600 c.ft. 78,000
Ghassu, Backfilling, Excavation 74,000
Steel 270/kg 3 Ton 810,000
Iron Chokhats 16 135,000
Aluminum Windows & Mirrors 180,000
Main Gate 900/sq.ft. 120,000
Plumbing 548,000
Electric Wiring 736,000
Water Proofing 108,630
Roof Insulation 27,000
Termite Spray 25,000
Labor Cost 810,000
Total Cost 5,370,130

Part 4: Finishing

Flooring Tiles

The finishing phase involves various elements to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. This section discusses the selection and cost estimation for flooring tiles, considering different areas such as rooms, bathrooms, TV lounge, kitchen, terrace, and garage.


Painting is a crucial aspect of giving your home a vibrant and personalized touch. The guide provides insights into selecting the right paint type, color schemes, and a detailed breakdown of paint costs for different areas.

Doors and Windows

Choosing durable and aesthetically pleasing doors and windows is essential for the overall look and security of your home. This section covers the estimated costs for wooden and aluminum doors, windows, and chokhat.


Custom woodwork, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other furniture, adds the final touches to your home. The guide provides insights into selecting quality wood, designs, and estimated costs for custom woodwork.

Final Touches

This section covers additional finishing touches, including the installation of fixtures, lighting, and landscaping. It emphasizes the importance of attention to detail to create a well-rounded and visually appealing living space.

Total Finishing Cost of 5 Marla House Double-Storey

Material Rate (PKR) Quantity Total Cost (PKR)
Tile Flooring 794,680
Staircase Marble 115,000
Kitchen Shelf 30,000
Filling, Cement, Tile Bands 35,000
Paint 301,210
Exterior Rock Wall 50,000
Roof Ceiling 107,250
Kitchen woodwork 190,000
Kitchen Accessories 51,000
Wardrobes 185,000
Locks, Door Handles 35,000
LED Rack 50,000
Wooden doors 360,000
Bathroom Accessories 250,000
Electrical Components 493,000
Stair & Terrace Railing 120,000
Geyser and Manhole 32,000
Labor Cost 300,000
Total 3,499,140

Total Cost

Component Cost (PKR)
5 Marla Grey Structure Rs. 5,370,130
5 Marla Finishing Rs. 3,499,140
Total Rs. 8,869,270

Part 5: Challenges and Tips for Smooth Construction

Common Challenges

Construction projects often face challenges that can impact timelines and budgets. This section outlines common challenges such as weather conditions, labor shortages, and unforeseen structural issues. It provides tips on how to anticipate and address these challenges effectively.

Tips for Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is a primary concern for many homeowners. This section offers practical tips on how to save costs without compromising on the quality of construction. It covers aspects such as bulk purchasing, negotiating with suppliers, and exploring alternative materials.

Hiring a Reliable Contractor

Choosing a reliable and experienced contractor is crucial for the success of your construction project. This section provides a checklist for selecting a contractor, including verifying credentials, checking references, and reviewing past projects.


Building a 5 Marla house in Pakistan involves meticulous planning, careful execution, and a keen eye for detail. This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into every phase of construction, from initial planning to the finishing touches. By following the outlined steps and considering the provided cost estimates, you can navigate the construction process with confidence and turn your dream home into a reality.

Remember, flexibility and adaptability are key in the construction journey. Keep communication channels open with your contractor, stay informed about market trends, and enjoy the exciting journey of creating a home that reflects your style and meets your family’s needs.